Friday, September 23, 2005

I ate chocolate again. I'll not bore you with the details. I'll just say that I've got to realize that sweets for me are like alcohol to an alcoholic. There is no 'have just one'. That's why saving things like that for a 'free day' works so well for me. When I have 'just one' or try to have 'everything in moderation' I end up overindulging every single day. When I contain it into one day... well that works for me.

Now to put it into practice...

I was feeling pretty good this morning... I grabbed a tape measure and my waist is down to 37.5 (from 39.25) and my hips are down to 38.5 (from 40). My body fat % is down to 48%. But then I made the mistake of looking at my weight - 205.5! I've gained 2 lbs in 2 weeks! Yes, yes I realize I shouldn't care about scale weight. Every part of my logical mind KNOWS this, and yet emotionally I'm still tied to it. Maybe I do need to take pictures more often then every 12 weeks... because that's usually tells the MOST important tale for me (even more then inches or Body Fat %)and obviously the scale isn't moving - but things are happening.

My workout was good and yet another reson I should be feeling positive...

Decline Bench Press (dumbbells) - 30lbs x 15/35lbs x 12/35lbs x 12
Added another 5 lbs to my dumbbell press - that was SOOOO exciting!
Incline Flys - (25lbs x 12)x 3
No upping this weight yet, but at the first sign that this is isn't a struggle I'll be throwing another 5 lbs on there...
Bench Press (barbell) 60lbs x 10/60lbs x 5 & 50lbs x 7/50lbs x 10
this one dissapointed me a little because I was hoping to do an entire three sets with 60 lbs. One of my goals to to bench 120 lbs so adding weight here is constantly on my mind - HOWEVER I had added weight on the decline press earlier in the morning so perhaps that's why I struggled here - who knows? One thing though - does anyone know of any good artcles on how to correctly spot someone? I asked my fiance' for help and when I started to struggle with 60 lbs on the second set he grabbed the bar and racked it for me. It frustrated me a little, but I just took 10 lbs off the bar and finished the set... then when I thought I might need a little help with 50... I look up and he's staring into space! I really think - it wasn't because he didn't care - he just had no idea what he was doing there.
Push-ups: Full pushups! 4/4 Negatives 5
I was SO excited - last week I couldn't do even ONE full pushup, today I did four! I'll reach my goal of 10 before too long. Consitering I weigh 205 lbs right now a full pushup is Quite a bit of weight...
Tricep Extension (cable&rope) 30lbs x 15 & 20 x 8/30lbs x 12 & 20 x 8/30x10 & 20x6
Close Crip Bench Press (60lbs x 10)x3 I think I could have gone up in weight on this, but getting the short bar into position was difficult... if someone had been around to help me I think I could have managed. maybe next time.
One arm tricep pushdown: 30lbs x 10/25lbs x 10

Food today will be ON PLAN - I won't accept anything less from myself today!

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  1. I'm like that with salt and vinegar potato chips...No way I can have just one. I have to finish all of them that are in the house whether it be one bag or 10..UGH lol. The spotting is a tough one. I lift alone so I tend to hold back on my workouts. Perhaps you could yell "help" when you need him to step in?? Keep up the great work and ignore the scale...focus on those inches lost!!