Monday, September 26, 2005

The day it wasn't meant to be...

No, I didn't oversleep this morning. I was up at 4:00AM just as I should be. My fiance' loaded the car while I got dressed and drank my 'breakfast'. We jumped into the car and got on our way. I had spent the weekend with this coil of pent up energy from not working out for two days (planned) I was soooooo looking forward to using it up this morning. I was practically bouncing with the anticipation of hitting my legs today as we pulled into the lot. We parked and started unloading the car. that's when I noticed that there was only one set of clothes in the back of the car! Thinking my eyes were decieving me I softly asked, "Honey, did you grab my clothes?"

He cheerfully pulled my gym back out of the trunk and said, "Yeah!"

I stared at the bag for a minute before replying, "No, my clothes, the ones that were hanging behind yours on the hat rack behind the door."

"You hung up your clothes? I didn't see anything.."

arrrrrggg! So there I was, at the gym at 5:00AM standing in my gym clothes with my gym bag and nothing to change into but bra, underwear, sox and shoes. Grumpily we loaded everything back into the car and drove back home. Something like this is probably not much of a problem for most people but I live 30 minutes (at 4:30AM - 45 minutes at 6:00AM) from the gym. So that means our training time just got eaten up by travel time, and at $3.00/gallon I was none too happy about the gas we were waisting either.

We showered, dressed, put more gas in the car and drove back again - barely made it in time for me to catch my 7:10AM ferry into work. THEN I discovered that somehow my protein pancakes got missplaced. Nothing like loading up with a creatine/energy drink then NOT working out and then going three hours without eating (four by the time I got to work). BLEH! That's the first time I've ever felt sea sick on the ferry.

We had hoped to workout tonight, but my fiance' has since called and let me know that he's going to have to work three hours of overtime tonight. considering that our bedtime is 9:30 (10:00PM at the laitest) I'm thinking that I may have to just settle for some walking after work as my 'workout' and hit it hard the rest of the week.

The good news is that I had a GREAT weekend. Eating was on plan (especially Sunday which was my freeday) and I made the most of my 'rest'. I am SO ready to workout though!

So the week has had a bad start, but I'm going to make the best of it. This is the last week of my current challenge. This one ends on Monday (10/3) But I'm going to start a new one on Friday (9/30) because I want Friday's to be my new weigh in day.

I'm going to be writing out goals soon because this one is going to be all about nutrition. I feel my workouts are 'working' for me - if I get the 'eats' in place... I'll be looking steller in NO TIME.

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