Thursday, September 8, 2005

Well, yesterday I fell apart... Everything at work came to a head. After last nights talk with my sweetheart about my recent attitude and how it was affecting him... and more crap coming down at work...

I needed to vent before I blew up. So, when two of my good friends/co workers asked if I wanted to go to lunch, I accepted. Of course it meant going off plan. I did pretty well though, chicken curry and rice wasn't THAT far off the mark. After talking to my friends it became apparent that 'something must be done'. And that involved confrontation. I'm NOT good at confrontation. So while stressing out at a job I hate, and planning an assult on my boss that was going to involve me saying the words "I can't do this anymore, it's a waste of my time and the companies money..." and My neighbor at the next desk 'pushing' her lendt (swiss) chocolate... I caved. It was REALLY good choclate and truthfully I felt better after eating it.

I went light at dinner so calorie-wise I did ok.. just the ratios and content were off. today's a new day.

I didn't get to the gym today (yet). Last night at 12:30AM my fiance's phone rang. He didn't answer it, but I got up and looked and saw it was a call from his mother. Since his Dad has been in and out of the hospital since ... hmm.. july? I spent most of the restless night wondering what was going on. He finally checked his messages this morning and all his mom said was "Can you come down this weekend? I really need your help with something.." and she was whispering. Since 4:00AM was too early to call her back we had to wait until later to find out what was going on. It ended up being something small (she needed a password to one of the financial accounts). Why she called at 12:00AM we'll never know. BUT in the meanwhile we didn't go to the gym this morning as we were rather preoccupied. I brought my own car to work because by the time I left we wern't sure if he was going to be leaving to rush to his mother's side or what.

I'll either workout here in the city at lunch or after work - no rest for the wicked.

I'll probably be posting more about the 'family' issues on my other blog if you care to know more.

Other then that - I'm doing ok - stress levels are back to normal. I'm expecting some answers from my boss on Friday on what my next step is. I currently have no need for chocolate. :)

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your comment was encouraging to me to know that there are truly good men out there. I know my guy is wonderful but for some reason I can't help but wait for the Dr. Jekyll/Hyde thing to he is going to morph into my ex.

    Is it possible to have no need for chocolate :)

    Suzanne AKA Moggie