Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I double checked on my clothes before we left the house at 4:30AM- whew! Had a killer leg workout once again. Whoop!

Squats: 90lbsx15/130lbsx10/140lbsx10
Leg Press: 150lbsx10/170lbsx10/170lbsx10
Leg Extension: 70lbx12/70lbsx12/60x12
My legs were whimpering at this point
Leg Curls: 55lbsx12/55x12/55x12
Calves: 150lbsx10/150x10/150x8

by this time I was walking funny...

Barbell curl: (40lbsx12)x3
Concentration Curl: (15 x 12)x2

I swear that I looked up at least twice while I was doing the last excercise and caught people staring at me. I don't know if it's just me, or people are just that surprised by a woman being so focused on lifting? I am the only 'serious' female weight lifter in the gym. Some days it makes me want to make faces at all of them.

I seriously have to rethink my morning routine (I know I said that before...) today while doing legs I kept getting lightheaded and dizzy. I extended a lot of my 'rest' periods so I could get my focus back. that's totally NOT cool. So tomorrow I'm going to plan something to eat before hitting the gym and see if that helps. If I'm still having problems then I'm cutting the creatine, etc... If all else fails I'll talk to a Dr. There is a slight chance this could have something to do with my blood pressure. In fact the 'light headed' feeling I was having was very much like when my blood pressure used to be Really Really low and I would constantly get head rushes when I would stand. I'll see how tomorrow goes - it could have just been low blood sugar.

Oh - and while I remembered my suit today, I did manage to forget a bra... hmmmmm. Luckily I had a lacy push-up bra stashed in there from another day so I used it. Not exactly my first choice, but it's better then nothing! lol!

Food was on track yesterday and is shaping up to be again today. The girl at the next desk has laid out lindt chocolate AGAIN but I keep reminding myself that while one 'won't hurt' the 7 I inevitably have after WILL.

Oh yeah, and my fiance' has decided that coming back after a day off is just too hard. He wants to start hitting the gym to do 'something' 7 days a week. hmmm, me thinks I have created a monster ;)

And one LAST thing. I talked to my Dad last night and told him I was back at the gym. He was really glad to hear it. I can't wait to make some SERIOUS progress and show him what I've done. I guess I should add that while others struggle with family that doesn't 'get it'. ~MY~ father is a personal trainer for Balley's. Yeah - somedays it gets to be a lot to live up to ;)

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