Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Yesterday was a really strange day. My fiance' and I woke up at 4:00AM (well the alarm woke us up in reality). We got out of bed and shambled into the livingroom where our clothes were laid out ready to go. After a few moments of staring into space he looked at me and said 'Can today be our 'rest' day?' Me, being the hardline goal oriented person that I am said.. 'I don't see why not.'

So we shuffled back into the bedroom and collapsed back into bed. It took us about five minutes to realize what a mistake THAT was. We were only going to get to sleep in an additional hour and a half and fifteen minutes of that was going to be spent trying to fall back to sleep and the last 15 would be spent waking up and glancing at the clock every minute or two to make sure we didn't oversleep! Duh!

When we drug ourselves back out of bed at 5:30 we agreed that we were just as tired then as we were at 4:00AM and now we had missed a workout.

I spent the day feeling drug out and and groggy. My fiance' said his body kept asking.."when are we going to workout out?" By the time we got home there was NO QUESTION that we had short changed ourselves. We agree at that moment that no matter how tired we were when we woke up. Going back to bed wasn't going to mmake it better, only a workout would.

Quite the epiphany for a 'non-morning person' like me

So, back at the gym this morning *whoop*

I've been having such amazing workouts lately. I have to say being in the gym has had a LOT to do with it. There is something about it... and the morning crowd that just has me pushing every set to the limit. Today was back and shoulders and I FRIED them both - Upped the weight on almost every excercise. I've gotten my narrow grip lat pulldown up to 90 lbs... that's almost 1/2 my body weight! If I keep pushing that up, and keep getting my body weight down, then eventually the twain shall meet and I'll be doing pullups! Wide Grip rows are also up to 90 lbs. I did arnold presses with 25 lb dumbells - Hel-lo and shoulders were always my 'week' point. Upright rows: 40 lbs. by the time I got to my lat raise/bent lat raise superset I was 'huffen' to get those things done with 15lbs!

Still, I left dancing with joy... just without much arm movement.

I say again... Whoop!

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