Thursday, September 22, 2005

Well yesterday was yellow - Some days it's like the 'adult' in my just passes out and when the bratty little kid says..."let's have a cookie!" there's no one to even put up a fight! I swear, last night when I thought about WHY I ate not just one but TWO fresh hot Choc-chip cookies, when I tried to annalys what my excuse had been to 'go ahead' so that I could try to counter it next time, I realized I hadn't made one. There was cookies, I grabbed one and ate it - no argument, no excuse. What the heck is up with that?

Today's workout was ok. Not steller but ok. Got up and and abs: Oblique crunches, crunches, ball crunches, roman chair leg lifts and leg raises off the bench. Then I jumpped on a treadmill for cardio. As soon as I started I could tell I was suffering from 'led legs' again. So, rather then push it I just kept it at a steady state cardio for most of my run. I pushed myself through one interval towards the end, but for the most part just made sure I met my goal of 1.5 miles and didn't worry that much about time. I finished up by doing some stretching to cool down.

I'll be glad when I get some energy back! The important thing is that I'm doing it! I swear (as I've said before) if I ever get the nutrition down big things are going to happen - BIG things.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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