Friday, September 30, 2005

My allergies just hit full force this afternoon – so I’m a little fuzzy, and my post me be incoherent…

Woke up this morning… If you want to call it ‘woke’. Hit snooze three times and finally fell out of bed at 4:20. We staggered through our morning routine and managed to get out of the house a little before 5:00 which left us getting to the gym at 5:30 – ½ an hour later then normal. I did however wake up enough to get a decent 20 Min HIIT done. Managed 1.5miles easily. I would like to push it to 2 miles – hmmm maybe that should be another of my October goals.

I just ran the numbers and to run 2 miles in 20 minutes I would have to increase my level 6 interval to the same speed as my level 9 now. do that in a month? If I could increase my speed by 10% every week I could do it. Holy Cow!

Anyway – Did three rounds of the ab bootcamp then stretched a whole bunch. I was so out of it that I didn’t even realize the time and I ended up not getting into the locker room until the time I’m usually LEAVING.. Duh. So I missed my ferry and ended up having to catch the next one. No harm/no foul…

Food has been on track for the day.

Took my 12 week pictures last night. NOT happy with the results. It was a ½ assed effort and the results show that. Still no progress is bad progress. I did manage to get some good pictures of the few muscles that are peeping through the fat. Yay! The month of October is going to be dedicated to cutting through the fat. My workouts are inline I just need to make the nutrition follow. That’s my focus.

Now – I've set up some goals for the next Month:

Total loss of 7 pounds
Drop Body Fat by 4%
Drop 1" off my waist
Do 10 Full Military Push Ups
By the end of the challenge have a 'negative' calorie balance (all 'non-plan' items have been offset by an equal amount of cardio)

And since my challenge includes planning and eating my meals… here's tomorrow's nutrition plan:

1) Shredded Wheat, milk, cheese, Banana
2) Apple, string cheese, crackers
3) EFL Open-Faced Burger, Fruit
4) EFL Coconut Pudding
5) EFL Baked Chicken Parmesan
6) EFL Triple Berry Smoothie w/almonds

Workout tomorrow is Chest and Triceps My FAVORITE day!

I'm really excites/scared about the month to come. Excited at the changes I could wrote, scared that I'm going to fall on my face again. When I think about the entire month at once I tend to get overwhelmed. I'm going to just focus on one day at a time. Focus now is to march through tomorrow.

Oh – and my cardio goal for next week is to Increase the miles I run from 1.5 in 20 minutes to 1.65. and to run Sunday (I'm behind this week) Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Have a GREAT October!

Almost forgot - yesterday when I said my back workout wasn't doing anything... I was mistaken... Oh My Goodness, I'm so sore today!

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