Friday, September 16, 2005

Well workouts are going GREAT... and I do mean great. Today was chest and Triceps. Once again I suprised myself with the quality and intensity of what I was able to do...

I started with Decline Bench Press with Dumbells - 15/12/12 @ 30 lbs. Only 20 more lbs and I'll up to fifty like Nicole. HAHAHA.. 'only' But give me some time and I'll get there - it's one of my long term goals.

This was supersetted with Incline Flys - 12/12/12 @ 20 lbs. Let me tell you the last six were HELL!

Then I went over to the flat bench and lifted 50lbs for 10/10/10.

and if that wasn't enough I then did two sets of 'modified' (aka 'girl') pushups to Fatigue

Next was Tricep extensions I had a 15 and 10lb dumbell and did a 'set' if 15 and immediatly did a second set with the lighter weight... 15&8/12&8/10&6

I jumped back ON the flat bench and did closs-grip presses first with just the bar for 10- THEN because I realized the bar was too long I went and grabbed the 'short' bars with set weights on them.. I did 50lbs for 10 and then 60lbs for 10. Let me tell you, on that last set my pecs were doing little twitchy dances...It was cool

And to finish the whole thing off I did One arm Tricep Pushdowns 30 lbs for 12/12

After Wednesday's back workout and today's chest - I'll be surprised if I can move my arms tomorrow.

But now for the other 1/2 of the story. Yesterday I was doing really good... operative word 'WAS'. It just sucks that for once I've got the workout portion of my routine going strong - but I can't seem to get a handle on the food! I didn't hold out against the cookies and chocolate, and this time there was no 'reason'. I wasn't hungry, I wasn't stressed. I caved and said.."Just one". Unfortunatly - I'm a 'holic' and there is no such thing as 'just one'. Other then that, my food was clean. Dinner was a nice turkey patty and some beans.

Today I ate clean too. Nice whole clean foods. I allowed myself 'just one' cocolate again.. luckily it was all she had. If I could only figure out a way to be 'on' with my food the way I have been with workouts... There is no telling WHAT changes I could wroat.

By the way - I woke up this morning SO TIRED. I rolled over and hit the 'snooze' button. When the alarm went off again I flipped back the covers and jumped out of bed (it's kind of like jumping into the cold lake - you just have to DO it). My fiance mumbled.."Im so tired..." I said, "I am too, our bodies must really be needing all this rest and recovery time" (we were in bed by 9:30PM again last night btw). So my fiance' retorts.."so what are we going to do?" my answer? "We're going to get ready and go!" It wasn't easy. I was SO tired but after about 15 minutes I had warmed up and felt human. I remined my fiance' that the extra 1.5 hr of sleep wasn't worth it and he agreed. I don't know what's happened to me - really I don't--Maybe I've just become an endorphine junky (which kind of explains my chocolate binging too in a way)

I'm at the point with food that I'm about ready to buy some sugar blocking gum. Maybe it's time to read "The Thin commandments" again. last time I did that I was 'ON' with food, I just couldn't get my excercise regular.

Still hanging in there...

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