Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Yesterday ended up Green! whoop! I was tired all day long but still stated focused and on track.

This morning I woke up MUCH better rested. Yesterday's exhaustion was explained by the arrival of TTOM this morning. Now my energy is back and I used it to the fullest this morning. Up at 4:00AM and at the gym by 5:00... Today was back and shoulders.

Good Mornings: 20lbs x 15/35 x 15
Front Lat. Pull-Down: 90lbs x 12/90 x 12/75 x 10
Barbell Rows: 50lbs x 12 & 35lbsx 8/60 x 19 & 45 x 8/60 x 10 & 45 x8
Close-Grip Lat. Pull-Down: 60lbs x 10/75 x 10/90x10
Lateral Raise (single arm cable): 10lbs x 15/15 x 12
Front Shoulder Raise (dumbells): 10lbs x 10/15x4 & 10 x 8
Front Shoulder Press: 25lbs x 12/25 x 12/25 x 12
Bent over Lateral Raise (single arm cable): 15lbs x 10/15lbs x 12

I am finding that going until 7:00AM without eating is NOT working for me. I'm going to have to eat SOME kind a meal before hitting the gym - suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Food should be 100% again today.

In other good news I saw a muscle again today. Every once in a while, when the lighting is right I actually see my delts rise out of the mire and let themselves be known. I get such a thrill when I see it. It's one of those things that keep me pushing harder each and every day.

One thing I've noticed I've got to work on. Unclenching my jaw. I'm working HARD... to the limits of my strength all the time. Hard enough to make 'that ugly face'. Today when I left the gym I noticed my jaw was aching from clenching it while lifting. My jawline is strong enough as it is! I don't need to build any muscle there! I'm seriously thinking of growing my hair out to try to create as soft a 'look' as possible. with the weight I've already lost my face is already getting really angular and I want to avoid 'looking like a man' at all costs. I don't mind being as strong as one - but looking like one? No thanks!

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