Tuesday, May 30, 2006

12 Weeks and Counting

PearsWith a little over 12 weeks left until we leave for London I'm pretty excited about my progess so far.

I bought a new scale on Friday and it's weighing a bit higher then the old one, but I feel I can trust it :) So, my starting weight for this week is 203.1 (as of yesterday) but is 202.1 today :) Eating has been right on track, right through the long weekend - YAY! We also made it to the gym yesterday and made sure to start the week off right. We did a KILLER Bi/Forearm/Ab workout. This morning I was up at 4:00AM and we hit the gym like good little bunnies :) Today was Calves/Shoulders/Traps. Again with the killing of parts!

One change is that we're taking a break from MAX-OT and are doing slightly different style of workout. This week it looks like we're doing 12 reps per excercise and four sets. After MONTHS of 6 reps and three (or two) sets this is really a challenge! Plus we're only resting 45 to 90 seconds instead of 2 minute like before and I can tell you that after two days of upperbody work - I can hardly hold the knife to slice my banana for meal two. Save me! ;)

So I've got a good start on the week. I'm expecting to be down to at least 201 by next monday, but who knows? My body seems to be making up for lost time of late and who am I to complain?

While doing lat raises to day I could hardly stop looking at my upper chest! My collar bones are visable and just underneath them you can actually see pec muscle! can I hear a whoop whoop!?

I've also noticed that the fat around my torso is getting loose (and kind of gross). That usually means (for me) that some of those cells are depleated and should be shrinking sometime - that means inches will be gone!

The best part has been that I haven't been struggling with cravings or deprovision or anything like that. I walk through a quick mart and even though I do notice the 'junk' on the shelves it's no struggle to walk on buy. It's almost scary, but gosh I hope it keep up!

Anyway, I guess I better 'get'. they are acutally expecting me to work sometime today.


  1. Whoop whoop! Keep it going, Shawn, you are SUCH an inspiration to me!

  2. WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

    You should be proud of yourself :-).

    I'm just curious though why you were 199.5 Friday and 203.1 Monday?

    If it's a woman thing, excsue my ignorance won't you.


  3. Matt - I bought a new scale and it weighs (confirmed) heavier then the old. Rather then confuse myself by trying to consistantly subtract the difference - I'll go with the new scale because it seems to be a bit more... reliable.

  4. Oh I see. Yeah no worries. Actually that's quite a simple explanation, I hadn't thought of DUH ;-).

    Anyway, I know you can do anything you put your mind to, so good luck, and all the best.


  5. Keep it up!
    I love the pictures that you keep showing. They are so beautiful!

  6. WAY to GO Shawn! Here's another BIG WHOOOOP WHOOOP! Very cool to hear a "Happy" voice & progress comming~