Friday, May 26, 2006

A brand new start

I took the plunge - I hired myself some 'professional' help.

I'm doing the 'leanness lifestyle'. Actually I've been doing it for about a month now... Since then I've gone from 207 to 199.5 (as of today). That's right - I'm finally below 200!! yay!

Still with my wedding coming up and w/having plans to wear a sleaveless dress I figured I better get on the stick and STAY on it. So I hired David to be my personal trainer. I start bootcamp... well, NOW! I'm SO EXCITED!

Anyway, to that end here's my starting photos (Advert your eyes all those with sensitive stomachs)

Front Bikini

Side Bikini

Back Bikini

Front w/clothes

Side w/clothes

Rear w/clothes

As a bonus - I took some 'muscle' shots - can you see how nicely my shoulders are coming along? can ya? huh? huh? huh?

Right shoulder

Left Bi

Left Shoulder


    Love your muscle pictures!

  2. Damn you sprung that on us didn't you ;-).

    Hiring a PT, and not spilling the beans for a month. You kept that little doozy quiet eh?

    Actually I think you could have done this without any such help.

    Though that's honestly not me saying I dissaprove, or think you took an easy option.

    End of the day you still have to do it. Nobody no matter how good, can force you to give a lot of effort, or force you to eat properly.

    You still have to be willing, and trust and believe in yourself to make your results happen.

    You are that sort of person, you can make it happen :-).

    What I will say is, I am still feeling a lot pride for you, and that will never change. I've been a big supporter of yours for months, and will never stop sticking by you through anything you do or take on, good or bad.

    I'm really happy for you you are achieving your goals. I do believe you are a very beautiful person, in a human sense, and you do have the ability to look fantastic with time.

    No matter what help you've been getting, you've done well to lose, 7.5 lb's in 4 weeks, allowing for any possible slight muscle increases, and accounting for your diet being quite Protein and Carb calorie rich, to support and maintain your devlopment.

    All in all, I still see a big future for you, (not in a weight sense), I do still believe you can compete before you're 40, if you chose to go for it.

    I wish you well Shawn. You are a truly incredible woman, so keep smiling, keep working hard, feel very, very proud of yourself, and keep loving yourself.

    You deserve what you are getting in life, and I'm glad you're finally fulfilling more of your human potential, and you're finding the happiness both emotionally, and physically you have a right to.

    You're an absolute 24 carat superwoman Shawn.

    WELL DONE and GOOD LUCK!!!!!


  3. Way to go! You must feel terrific. And yes, your shoulders are looking great! Can't wait to hear more about your progress.

  4. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAAY! You're under 200! WAHOOOOO! Way to go! And yeah, those muscles look freakin' awesome! You're rockin' it, Shawn. Keep it up!

  5. WAY TO GO there Girl!! Love the poser pics!! muscles are COOOOL!

  6. WTG Shawn on the under 200! I am still struggling to get there myself. Now that you have broken that barrier, which i have a hunch was a mental one, you are going to kick butt! Leanness Lifestyle is a great program. Jeremy Likeness swears by it, and we know there aren't many that know more about fitness than that walking encyclopedia, haha.

    Great pics Shawn, I am rooting for you every step of the way in your journey!

  7. Very cool about the personal trainer. I am looking forward to hearing all about it!! And dang girl....YOU'VE GOT SOME GUNS!!!! And yep...nice shoulders!! :)