Thursday, May 4, 2006

Just got back from the gym. It really took all of my 'tricks' to get myself down there. The first plan (and best) had been to hit the gym this morning at the 'usual' time. But then the electricity went out yesterday and when I reset the clock I got the am/pm wrong so the alarm didn't go off this morning. So I brought my bag with me thinking I would go after work. BUT my friend and co-worker reminded me that we have yoga tonight. Considering the amount of money I spent on classes I figured I better go. Of course then little lazy voice in my head started to say... you've been working hard, why not skip today? BUT you see, at the first of the week I made a promise to myself. I said that if I didn't make it to the gym every day this week (that's the gym, yoga doesn't count) that I would not let myself go to our afterwork Cinco De Mayo party on Friday. That meant I HAD to go to the gym today. In my mind I kept flipping back and forth between options. Go after work and skip yoga or drag my butt to the gym at lunch. Excuse after excuse flitted through my mind but I disregared them all, and as you probably already guessed I made it to the gym at lunch!

And - my arms no longer belong to my body... heh. Between the back workout yesterday, then swimming... gah! Then I Fried myself with my chest workout today... the only reason I can type this is because I can rest my arms while I do so.
I hope my nose doesn't itch anytime soon...

so - the chest workout:

Dumbbell Press:

45 x 6
50 x 10
50 x 5

I did 50 lbs for 10 reps because I wanted to prove to myself that I still could. I would do a happy dance but that would involve waving my arms so you all will have to do it for me. ;)

Barbell Press (plus bar)

80 x 6
70 x 6

After frying myself on the dumbbells I was having a little trouble with the barbell - PLUS I didn't have a spotter which always makes me nervous and makes me pick lighter weights.

chest Flyes:

20 x 6
20 x 6

And that was it - I went back to work.

I've got 75 minutes of yoga still to get through today... yipes!

Food has been perfect. I had a moment of cravings today but not for sweets... for pepsi. I had just finished my turkey sandwich on whole wheat when suddenly this overwhelming urge for the taiste of diet pepsi came over me. BUT I've promised myself no drinks until I'm under 200. Man I better see some fat dropping but soon! lol

Have a great day everyone!


  1. You totally freakin' rock. Good for you for finding a way to make yourself go to the gym. Keep up the great work, Shawn, and keep on keeping those promises to yourself!

    ♥ Jess

  2. Atta Girl there Shawn!!! Cinco de Mayo for YOU! :D

  3. Shawn, I just can't adequately express the pride I feel for you.

    The ability to get through that day despite all those little obstacles.

    That is truly fantastic.

    As a side issue I would be tempted to say how sbout no drinks until you're under 190, so at least if for any reason you slip, or let things like that get the better of you a bit, you can't surely put back about 15-20 lb's of diet mistakes, but under 200, you might find you accidentally let certain things take control, and 6lbs comes back in no time.

    At least if you were significanlty away from square one, you could be confident enough to know one or two mistakes, or little indulgences, weren't going to send you right back there.

    Plus it's better taking five steps forward, one or two back, then one maybe two forward and one or two back, so then you won't be struggling to get anywhere.

    The longer you force yourself to go without certain things, the more you'll appreciate rare moments to indulge, and not take them for granted.

    THat's just a thought though. Not telling you how ot do your thing. You know how ot do that, and you're doing it well right now, as of the last few days, and right back ot your very, very best.

    I'm feeling pride and a truck load of confidence for you right now, and you should be very, very proud.

    You're proving yet again, you are truly fantastic, and you achieve anything you want when you're in the zone.