Monday, May 1, 2006

Looks like Monday is turning into my day to post! :P

Well, last week blew up in my face, but that's pretty much my MO.. two steps forward one step back... I've reset this week and I'm looking ahead. What happened? Well I had a party on Tuesday night that involved a LOT of food (a 6 course meal) and I didn't say 'no' once. Then that party ran me late (I didn't get home until 1:00AM) so I didn't plan my next day's meals, and you can guess the rest. The good news is I'm catching it now instead of a month from now.

One positive thing over the weekend... On saturday the fiance and I went hiking. A LOT of hills (my butt and calves are killing me!) and 8.2 miles of walking. It felt SOOOO good!

I DID get up and hit the gym today. It felt good to be back and 100%. Started out with a 30 minute run (well _I_ call it a run) of 1.95 miles. Then I hit shoulders and Triceps...

Standing Dumbbell Press: 30 x 6 / 30 x 6 / 30 x 6
Seated Barbell Press (+bar): 30 x 6 / 30 x 6
Side Lat: 20 x 6 / 20 x 6

Tri Pushdowns: 120 x 5 / 120 x 4 / 120 x 4
Lying Tri Press: 45 x 6/ 45 x 6
Seated Overhead Tri Press: 45 x 6 / 45 x 6

Then I hit the showers feeling GREAT!

My lunches are packed for the day and I'm feeling strong I've also been hit by a little leverage I set up for myself. No more diet pepsi until I get below 200! Also - if I don't hit the gym everyday Mon-Fri then No Cinco De Mayo Party for me. Since just having a sexy body doesn't seem to be enough to motivate me, I'm throwing some extras into the mix.

Overall my head's still in the game. I'm motivated and I KNOW I'm capable of doing this!


  1. Well it sounds like you're not beating yourself too much, staying optimistic, and that's GREAT! So very different than how you would have felt about yourself several months ago! You just pick yourself back up, and start a new day! Way to go Shawn!

  2. Awesome that you're still giving it everything you've got!!
    As for Matt's post, it felt like he was talking to me because that's me in a nutshell lately. Hmmm...definitely time for me to find my plan B, C and D!!