Monday, May 8, 2006


Well the weekend went as planned (for once!)

Friday Night I went out with friends. I had water while they had drinks. A good time was had by all. For dinner I allowed myself my first treat meal and had orange chicken... yummy! Because of my careful planning I was still able to stay within my calories.

Saturday I kept to planned meals ate appropriate portions and again came it right on track.

Sunday was a little rough because I didn't plan my trip into San Francisco very well, but I pulled through, made it through the day to my second treat meal and got to have a cheeseburger. mmmmm. And again because I kept my food choices good I was able to stay on track calorie wise - a big win weekend for me.

And what was the result of this week-long willpower fest? weight today: 204.9! that's 1.8 lbs for the week. Not bad at all.

With that being said, I did a little evaluating about my week - here's where I think I could have improved.

1) Even with all the excercise I did - I fell about 82 minutes short of my goal - (About 540 calories)...

I need to make sure I'm getting all those minutes in. I shaved things a little close a few days - and I'll probably need to plan on doing at least SOME kind of workout on one of the weekend days - or just plan to not lose 2lbs a week - it's my choice.

2) Creatine - DUH! I don't know WHAT I was thinking. Gaining mass is the furthest thing from my mind but I was taking creatine all last week. Besides the water weight, and the muscle building properties; each scoop of the brand of Creatine I take has 130 calories! That means I was taking in almost 200 extra calories a day!

The answer to this one is easy at least - stop taking creatine.

So I'm looking for bigger losses this week. I've proved that one good week lends results - two will as well if I stick to it as closely as I did last week.

As for today? I didn't want to get up this morning when the alarm went off at 4:00AM. I ended up hitting snooze twice but I told myself there was NO WAY I was missing a workout this morning. I didn't want to start the week off on that kind of note. So I hit the gym and did my shoulders and triceps.

Dumbbell Presses:

35 x 6/35 x 6/35 x 4

Went up five pounds this week and MAN was it hard!

Someone was on the Barbell Press Rack so I had improvise and do Lat Raises next:

25 x 6/25 x 6

Barbell Presses (Plus Bar):

35 x 6/30 x 6

After toasting my shoulders with the dumbbells and the lat raises I struggled with the barbell presses but made it through

Tri Pressdowns:

120 x 6/115 x 6/115 x 6

Laying Tri Press:

45 x 6/45 x 6

Seated Tri Overhead Press:

45 x 6/45 x 6

Then I went over and hit the treadmill and did intervals for 30 minutes before hitting the showers. So that's 75 minutes of working out for me today (my goal is 522 for the week - you can count with me! lol)

Meals are packed (or consumed) for the day and all is right inthe world.

Have a great one!

California Palace of the Legion of Honor

Charging into the new week!


  1. Are these all pictures YOU have taken because they are excellent!?!

    Here's to a great week!
    You can do it!

  2. Yep - I they are all mine. Thanks for your input. If you want to see more you can click on my little flicker badge and explore a bit - I love having people look at my pictures :)

  3. Shawn, what can I say, but WELL DONE!!!

    It's results like that have kept me believing in you and supporting you for a long time. That's not likely to change anytime soon.

    When you get consistant training and diet results. You make things happen.

    You will be on the stage before you're 40. That's a certainty with progress like yours, and the fabulous woman within is going to come to the surface where everyone can see her very soon.

    Seriously though you should feel very proud of yourself, you've done BRILLIANTLY.

    As the saying goes, Big Momma rocks ;-).

    GOOD LUCK. You are a truly inspiring and incredible woman :-).