Friday, May 12, 2006

Waiting for the weekend

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It's been a rather wierd week this week. One of those weeks that I wish I could hang onto forever. Food had been a none issue. No cravings, no struggles. I eat what I bring and don't worry about anything else. I'm not even hungry most of the time. by the time dinner rolls around I could take it or leave it, and for the past two days now - I've been leaving it. I'm not used to this and it's kind of frightening. I keep expecting some huge backlash from my physci. What's even stranger is this is my 'bad week'. You know what I mean - the week that the chocolate deamon normally shows up. But for me - no, nothing. the only PMS symtom I've had is insomnia for two nights and water retention, that's it.

Speaking of water retention... weight today, 202.5! I'm going to pull out another weekend like the last one and then do a dance on the scale Monday morning at the gym.

Otherwise... no workout happened this morning. With the arrivel of 'the bitch' I was just too tired and hurting too much to face the clock at 4:00AM - HOWEVER, my bags are packed and I'll be hitting the gym after work while I wait for the fiance to get off. (he has to work until 8:00PM tonight).

I'm also going to hit the gym tomorrow morning on the way to pick up the kids - the gym with the pool. I'll get a few laps in before the end of the week. So - here's the plan... 75 minutes of working out tonight... 60 minutes swimming tomorrow and 60 minutes of something else on Sunday - something moderate like a bike ride or walk. That will get me to my goal for workout minutes for the week. I've used on splurge 'meal' today and I'll save one more for sunday (mother's day dinner w/my kids). That's the plan - have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. You done really well Shawn, you've had a fantastic week. I wish you all the very, very best for the weekend misses.

    This week for you has been a serious success, you deserve to be very, very proud of yourself.

    I feel so much pride for you right now, especially because I know how hard you've tried to make this week, the best it could be, and I know no matter how someone like you talks big, or tells people what's going to happen and what does happen, it can't be easy to follow through sometimes, and make those pledges real, when you're used to a long history of doing very little effort, like this to change things.

    You're definitely an inspiration to me, and I'll certainly be around for a long long time to watch you blossom, into the physically beautiful woman you can be, and have always deserved to be.

    Besides which, I'm still confident before you're 40 you'll walk on stage in a bikini, and prove all those people, who ever said bad things about your appearance, wrong.

    Enjoy your weekend, and here's to another amazing week Shawn. You deserve to feel proud of yourself.

    I know you'll truly appreciate the success that the last week has been for you, and I know you'll do it again, because deep down you have the heart and the human ability, to do so much.

    Look at this way, you have what could be called a lump of clay body, and an intelligent artistic mind, so with the two, you could create one hell of a fabulous body with time.

    I personally can't wait to see that new you :-).

    GOOD LUCK Misses, and keep working that Mueller magic.

    You are incredibly fantastic :-).

    Have an awesome weekend yeah :-).