Friday, May 5, 2006

Please indulge me for just a moment as I grumble... it'll only take a moment, I promice.

Scale this morning? 1 pound down. Yeah 1 POUND!! I was so dissapointed. I've been working my TAIL off this week. Not an unplanned morcel has passed my lips. I've controlled my food intake to the straining point, turning down lunch dates with coworkers and tracking every bite of food. I've hit every workout and either met or exceeded my goals for minutes excercised. I'm drinking water like a fish and I've made sure to get in my vitamines and suppliments every day. And what do I get? over 1/2 way through the week and only 1 pound down - and a rough weekend ahead of me.

However I'm not on in the mood to dwell on it. All this does is strengthen my resolve to make the weekends work for me instead of me slogging through the weekend. I am going out with friends tonight. No I'm not drinking. I did start to waver on that a bit thinking.. just one. But with only 1 lb of weight loss under my belt I don't dare blow that away with a bunch of empty calories and a drop in my metabolism. It also means that my initial plan of PLANNING my Saturday and Sunday's meals is even more important then ever. I can't afford to even just simply maintain over the weekend I've got another pound to lose and three days to do it in.

So for my positive news :P I made it to the gym today - I met my goal of five days in the gym before Friday. YAY! Total for the week is five days of weight lifting, two days of runing, one day of swimming, and two days of yoga. Best part was I never 'bonked' My energy levels (and soreness levels) were high the entire week.

Today was bis and abs and after a short warm up I got right to it:

Straight Bar Curls (total weight):

45 x 6
45 x 6
45 x 6

Hammer curls:

20 x 6
25 x 6

Curl Bar Cable Curls:

70 x 6
70 x 6

Cable Crunchs:

190 x 15
190 x 15

Then I went and ran for 30 minutes and went off to hit the showers.

I hope everyone has a great weekend - I intend to!


  1. Unless I read that wrong and am about to sound confused ;-), then I would expect your energy levels to be high if you'd hadn't "bonked".

    I would however, expect them to be lower if you had "bonked", the drop in such levels depending on the start time, intensity and duration of the bonking.

    Though I'm not going to delve into your "interesting" domestic life. That's your privacy ;-).

    However you mustn't lose heart. 1lb may be a bit less than you wanted, but it will come good :-).

    Also wondered what sort of Cardio you did. If say you did flat treadmill work, you might consider Interval instead, if you're not doing that.

    You might possibly have to either take a few minutes off the running time, and work back up to 30, or go one level lower than you do on the flat, to accommodate, the fluctuating work rate.

    Anyway, GOOD LUCK. I'm thinking of you as always, and still proud for you too :-).


  2. You're lifting 5 days a week, which means you are likely packing on the muscle. Don't scoff at "only" 1 pound!

  3. You know how long it takes me to lose 1 freakin' pound??? It's so frustrating. Good for you!! You hung in there and reached your goal of hitting the gym all this week, that's amazing!!