Tuesday, May 9, 2006


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Almost had a 'bad moment'. I can't really call it bad planning cause it wasn't - but I walked out of yoga and felt like I was going to pass out. I couldn't stop and had to run to the ferry... I knew I HAD to eat but a quick look at the food on the ferry had me thinking I might have resort to eating 1/2 a candy bar. BUT after giving the snack bar a good 'once over' I found a small bag of peanuts. I'm fealing better now - the greyness is passing.

Stupid thing is I had powder in my bad to make a shake out of - but nothing to 'shake' it in. Duh.

Next time I know better.

Still I'm glad the giving up the candy bar didn't even hurt - maybe this whole 'mental thing' is working.


  1. It's definitely working.. the peanuts were a great choice, and you have learned from a small mistake. That's progress!

  2. WTG....Good Choice...I find if you just take it one step at a time..like choosing the peanuts over the candy bar this time..then next time it gets easier..because you know you can do it...We are always going to find ourselves in the position of having to make those choices...and each time we do it right WE WIN....

  3. Feel proud Shawn, and use any small success to build up to bigger ones. The more you do that the better things get, when you have all those little successes to draw inspiration from.

    GOOD LICK!!!!!!


  4. P.S. I'd have just sholvelled some of the Protein Powder down my throat, and tolerated it ha ha :-P.

  5. Explain that photo -- it's cool!!!

  6. I took my Son to the SF Exploratarium on Saturday - this is the photo I took of the 'whirlpool' exhibit - there's more on my flckr site (you can click on my badge) if you want to check them out.