Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I had to share this...

I know that many people out there struggle (Like I do) with what many would call an 'addiction' to food. An irrational urge to overeat and/or eat unhealthy things. This one habit alone is the reason we are ... fat. It's not lack of knowledge. Most of us KNOW all there is to know about nutrition and portions sizes - but for some reason consistantly make what would be called 'wrong choices'. Like any other adict we can't see to give up the very thing that's making us unhealthy.

Well I was pointed to this website and frankly - I love it! Please take a look at this..

Taming Your Feast Beast

Are you ready? I'm making my abstinence commitment now, here today...

I will never overeat.
I will never eat incorrectly.

So there!


  1. I'm checking it out right now! Thanks!

  2. All I will say is, such commitment is commendable, if not 100% achievable.

    You would be surprised how many people can over eat on healthy food occasionally. Well it's healthy so it's okay right??

    As for eating incorrectly, sometimes you might be forced to eat at irregular times or on rare occasions, bunk food.

    You know me by now, I'm not trying to blow the wind out of your sails, by saying this, as I am someone who strongly believes in you and your potential.

    The attitude is right, the potential is there, so you can do it.

    Good luck. you're doing really well as of last week. KEEP IT UP.


  3. Matt - overeating healthy foods and sometimes getting caught and having to eat 'bunk' is a big different then the adictive type eating that I'm refering to. Believe me - I'm not talking about being a diet 'angel'. I'm talking about not giving in to that voice in my head that says.. go ahead, have a cookie... oooo you ate one now have two, you deserve it! next thing you know I haven't eaten correctly for a week and I've gained back 3 pounds.

    I do appreciate your honesty though and for your dash of 'realism' :)

  4. I understand what you just said Shawn :-).

    Yes, I'll always give you honesty when you need it. I'm not someone who is afraid to to do anything but say well done, all the time.

    Not that I'm casting aspersions about anybody else who posts here, that's not my right or my place :-).

    Take care :-).