Saturday, May 2, 2009

Big Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is my first 'on my own' Tri.  I'm so excited!  I've signed up for this particular triathlon three times - this will be the first time I actually make it to the starting line.  It feels GREAT!

Training has been a little spotty.  I haven't swam since HI :|  but I'm not really that worried about it.  The swim is only 1/2 a mile, and I'm very secure in my swim form.  I'm sure the work I've been doing in the gym has strengthened my muscles, and that the running and biking has kept my cardiovascular system working.  My only big concern with the swim is that I'll be wearing a wet suit, and if you've been around here at all you'll know I don't like my wet suit... If you haven't been here before then I'll say it here - I don't like swimming in a wet suit.  Still I hope to push through and put up a decent swim time.

Run and bike though... I've been training, and really working on pushing myself on both and I'm pleased with the results.  I've also been working on what I feel was my biggest obstacle for Lavaman (both my training and my race)- my weight.  The past four weeks I have had laser focus on my goal to lose weight and it's payed off.  I've dropped 20 lbs since Lavaman!!  If you've never dropped 20 lbs in your life I have a suggestion for you.  Gab a backpack w/20lbs of weight in it and go for a run :) and/or a bike.

So between the two how have I faired?  Well I went for a short BRick workout today.  25 minutes on the Bike and I averaged over 14 MPR! a month and a half ago I was averaging 11.   And the run?  Well I did a 10 minute run and the best part was I didn't feel like my legs were made of lead when I started - 10 minutes and I averaged under 12 min/mile.  Now I can't sustain that pace for long still, but to keep it up for 10 minutes!?  I was lucky/happy to keep a 15 min/mile pace before!!!

So - wish me luck tomorrow - I'll try to post a report as soon as I can.  I want to finish in less then 2.5 hours.  I think they'll be posting results on this page Envirosports sometime tomorrow.

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  1. First congrats on the weight loss. 20 pounds is remarkable and as you say, it is like always carrying a backpack with 20 pounds of unneeded gear in it. The weight loss progress bar is a great idea to keep you motivated.

    Second good luck on the tri today.