Sunday, May 3, 2009

Napa Valley Sprint - 2:21:17!!

34 Mueller-Boddy, Shawn Mountain House, CA 40 F 2:21:17.0
swim ( 0:21:29.1 ) t1 ( 0:09:46.5 ) bike ( 1:03:56.3 ) t2 ( 0:05:41.6 ) run ( 0:40:23.3 )

That's right!  I met my goal!  under 2:30!!! whoot!

Yes - I was disappointed with the swim time - but then I've not had good experiences with swimming in a wet suit - this wasn't an exception.

I was disappointed in the bike too - there was hill after hill after hill and it made my overall time much much slower then I was aiming for.

But, the run... I mean, look at that time!! *happy dance*  I pushed and look what I did!!

I'll return with a much longer race report - cause I'm tired, you should know I'll be going to bed happy.


  1. yay shawn! Fantastic!! and even better that there were hills involved!

  2. Great job!!!! Keep up the good work. See how far you have come.

  3. Nicely done! And beating your goal time by 9 minutes is pretty awesome!