Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What the heck is going on?

No, seriously! :) First - my weight loss has been doing a strange yo-you thing since last Wednesday.

Wed: 219.7
Thr: 220.4
Fri: 220.1
Sat: 219.6
Sun: 220.4
Mon: 219.7

I thought maybe it was my allergy meds or something like that, but I stopped taking them, so that wasn't the answer.

Now I've had some pretty serious weight loss over the past four weeks. So I wasn't really worried about this strange activity in my scale - just a little confused by it. What had been concerning me before now was that I had lost (almost) 20 pounds but couldn't 'see' it. My clothes didn't feel radically different, I didn't see the difference in the mirror... nothing

BUT - on Sunday in the midst of all that scale bouncing I noticed that I had to hook my bra one set of hooks smaller.. oooo!

Then I noticed that my 'big' workout pants were feeling a little loose around the hips and in the butt.

At the end of the day I noticed that my ankles were looking much much slimmer, in fact, even after doing a triathlon, my socks weren't 'indenting' my ankles.

Then, today, I put on a pair of pants that fit just last week and they were falling off my hips! The sweater that I pulled on wasn't tight around my arms like the last time I wore it, and again, my socks didn't leave a mark on my ankles when I took them off at the end of the day!!

I know a lot of people have talked about 'mini-stalls' that include a shift in body mass, but I've never experienced it so dramatically before. I'm not complaining! Just observing out loud :)
But what's really strange is how I've felt today.

Yes, I've been on MF for just over four weeks now, and yes I haven't had cravings or anything like that, but I have been hungry...sometimes gnaw off my arm hungry! But today -- nothing! In fact I got so wrapped up in work today that twice.. TWICE I missed a meal and had to double-up to make up for it. What the Heck!?

I can't wait to see what tomorrow is like!


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