Monday, January 9, 2006


So - if I'm going for 1800/day, Then I think it makes sense to change my intake to 5 meals instead of six. That will make each meal 360 calories (a comfortable level for me) and allow me to space my meals out nicely:

1 - 7:00AM
2 - 10:15AM
3 - 1:30PM
4 - 4:45PM
5 - 8:00PM

that 4:45 Meal means I have a nice full belly for the ride home - and the 8:00PM meal gives me an hour to fix dinner - just about perfect!

1 comment:

  1. That looks great. The usual time frame for good protein synthesis, is every 2-3 hours for protein, but 3hrs 15 shouldn't be a problem.

    Any muscle catabolism you get would be so minimal it wouldn't matter anyway.

    Great job though, on developing a good solid meal plan you can stick to easier. The more you find a way to iron out potential little kinks in your progress, the more able you are to progress at a quicker rate.

    To me this in itself is a plus. Something you can build on, and something to feel proud of. You've gotten your dietry situation pretty spot on, and well managed, so WELL DONE.

    You are already in nearly 2 weeks, looking like you can meet my hypothetical predictions for you.

    GOOD LUCK, and know that you deserve to feel very proud of yourself. You almost never fail to make all these little pluses work for you.

    One of the many reasons why I believe so strongly in your ability as a person, and as a potetial athlete and PT.

    You're doing fantastically in just 10 days.

    KEEP IT UP. I feel really proud of you Shawn.

    :-) :-)