Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Guten morgen oder guter nachmittag depending on where in the world you may be.

Yesterday ended as well as it began. I really have to say that one of the things that gets me up in the morning is knowing that I can go home and immediately change into my satin P.J.’s without a guilty thought running through my head. My work is DONE for the day. All I needed to do was fix my dinner.

With THAT done – my calories came out a little light yesterday. 1700. This is a pattern that I have that I REALLY have to watch out for. I’m going to work on making sure they are higher today so that I don’t ‘bonk’ on my workouts or worse, set myself up for a binge. I had a pattern before where I would go several days of 1200 calories (or lower) for a few days – then one day I would come home, think I could fit a slice of pizza into my plan and before I knew it I had eaten 5 pieces! I was talking to my friend Marie yesterday. Telling her about my frustration with not losing scale weight and my plan to drop my calories just a ‘smidge’. The first thing out of her mouth? “Be careful we know you tend to eat too little”

(Check out THIS journal entry http://samsbfl.blogspot.com/2003/09/remember-slogen-i-believe-created-by.html)

That made me feel good because it reassured me that doing this this way, taking it slow and dropping my calories gradually until I figure out what works, is RIGHT for me. Then it will be up to me (and those of you who are watching out for me) to make sure I STICK to the plan and not under eat. Yesterday – well I can’t do much about yesterday but I can throw a couple of extra calories in today to make sure I refuel. Who knows I may just take up the suggestion I had to cycle calories each day – It does have it’s appeal.

(hmmm, digging out my spreadsheet)

Anyway – got to bed good and early last night. Man it was nice. 4:00AM still came too early but I dealt.

Today was Chest/Abs/and Cardio day:

Chest day is fun because it’s a day where I’m really going for some new personal bests. I like goals like these. So, first thing I did was hop on the treddy and start my run. A little warm up and then I was off at 5.0 MPR and 1% incline. I could NOT believe it. I managed to keep the pace up for the entire time (except for my planned walk breaks) . I even did my usual and REALLY pushed it on the last lap. 5.5 then 6, then 7 MPR on the last straight away. Whoo hoo! Finished the 1.75 miles in 22:05 minutes.

After that it was off to the gym. BTW – my Abs are SO SORE! I did an Ab superset on Sunday that really hit my lower abs, then heavy leg day yesterday and I was a hurtin unit today. I love it! Anyway – Chest ;)

Barbell Bench Press (+Bar): 80 x 6 / 80 x 6 / 80 x 6
12 week goal: 80 x 10

Now this was with a spotter but he SWEARS he wasn’t helping. Next week I may have him keep his hands off the bar unless I ask him for help. Then I’ll feel a little better about any progress.

Dumbbell Press: 50 x 6 / 45 x 6

12 week goal: 50 x 10

FiancĂ© had to help me with the last two of the last set – my chest was fatigued! He was a little put out that with Dumbbells I can lift the same amount as him (smirk) It’s only because he has a bad shoulder and his stabilizing muscles on that side need some work but it was kind of fun to tell him “Don’t put those away – I need them”

Decline Barbell Press (+ bar): 50 x 10

This was the first time I had tried this one. And I wasn’t sure how much weight to use – apparently 50 isn’t enough. Next time I’ll know

Then came the REAL test –

Cable crunches: 190 x 15 / 190 x 15

OMG was this hard – I wanted to quit at about 10!

Then it was off to the showers.

The two meals I’ve had already have been right on track. I’ve got meal 3 and 4 all set up. And meal 5 is the easy one – it’s at home. I’m going to slam dunk the day – you can count on it!


  1. Whew! What a workout!
    Keep it up!
    You are doing FABULOUS!

  2. Yeah I concur about the calories. If you go a bit too low and then compensate, you could start to yo-yo, but I know you can stabilise your calories, hence last week, so I know you won't run into problems.

    That cardio session was awesome by the looks of things.

    As for gaining about 4 reps on your lifts in 12 weeks, I know you are plenty capable of that, and almost certainly more.

    GOOD LUCK with those goals. YOU CAN DO IT, and as always, my belief in you is total 100%,
    unwavering, rock solid belief.

    You have started the week really well. I know you'll finish with a flourish as per usual :-) :-).

    Keep smiling, and keep feeling proud of yourself, and here's to a great end to a great start to your day :-).


  3. Great workout!! I used to think that eating less calories was the answer, but like you, I found out the hard way that it just doesn't work. I still admire how you get up at 4am everyday!

  4. Doesn't a nice workout and eating great all day make you feel great? I love what you meant about going to bed not feeling guilty. That's always the best feeling...it's like getting all of your homework done as a kid!!

  5. You morning workout people are making me jealous!!! I used to love working out in the morning. I also found that if I worked out in the morning I was less likely to cheat on the food cause I didn't want to "undo" my hard workout from the morning. That's it, I just convinced myself...I am going to start lifting in the morning...sleep schmmeepp...it's overrated :)