Monday, January 16, 2006

I DID it!

I just got back from the gym. There were some obstacles some physical, some mental but I DID it!

One, believe it or not I’m very self conscious – well, I don’t know if that’s the word for it. I worry/stress about new situations. If I let myself I’ll worry about what others will think about me. Actually, it’s more that I HATE to make mistakes and I worry that when I’m in a new situation, that I might do something that’s a mistake. First impressions mean a lot to me – I’m just wired that way. Once I’ve made a first impression, yeah I don’t like making mistakes but I’m less worried about putting myself out there. I figure I’ve set the foundation and a little set back now and then won’t tarnish (too much) the persona I would like to project.

Hopefully this is correctly leading up to the point that I was going to set foot into a new gym. One I was unfamiliar with filled with people who were going to be seeing me for the first time. And I was stressing out about it. Enough to actually entertain the thought of not going.

THEN I realized that I hadn’t brought a bath towel with me. But, the part of me that cringes every time I have to post about missing a workout had had enough. Before those little negative thoughts could worm themselves too deeply into my brain, I realized how ridiculous my fears were. Really – what were people going to do – take a look at me and chase me from the gym with pitchforks? Yeah my body might not be perfect but heck that’s why I’m at the gym! As for making mistakes; I know what I’m doing in the weight room and if anyone thinks differently. That’s their problem not mine.

As for the towel, well, there’s a Walgreen’s on the way to the gym and lo and behold, THEY carry gym worthy bath towels for a mere $5.99 each (or two for $10).

So I made it and even though I showed up in shorts and a tank top, no one threw things at me, or ran screaming from the weight room.

As I said it’s a new gym. I had a little trouble finding the locker room. Don’t ask me why I thought I looked like less a fool wandering around looking for signs then simply asking for directions. Sometimes my brain short circuits like that. I eventually found the locker room and then the ‘free weight room’. Score one point for this gym. The free weight room is in the basement. ALL by itself (and with it’s own set of locker rooms I found out later – duh.) The equipment was beautiful and there was PLEANTY of mirror to go around. Unlike my normal gym there was a nice piece of mirror in front of the squat rack – Nice.

Anyway – after I got done salivating on how nice the weight room was I got to work. A few warm up sets and I was ready to go.

Squats (+bar): 140 x 6 / 150 x 6 / 150 x 6

The leg press that was like the one I normally use was in use so I grabbed a leg press machine that I had never tried before. The timid mousy part of me wanted to go ‘lite’. I mean, how embarrassing to have everyone watch you spend five minute loading on plates, then sit down to lift them and have to get up and unload them. I could already hear them (the guys cause there were no woman in the room) snickering. BUT I didn’t do it. I loaded up my normal amount, sat down pressed and whoo hoo the weight lifted! I unlocked the supports, lowered the weight (full range of motion) and went – OOH SHIT! Ummm that was heavy. BUT I managed to push it back and even did it five more times! That was SO AWSOME! I think that ‘sled’ part of this leg press machine is heavier then the normal one I use. I can’t really explain the difference but it LOOKS a whole lot heavier. Next time I do legs at my gym I’m going to add 50lbs cause I think I could press it on my normal machine.

Leg Press: 500 x 6 / 500 x 6

Straight Leg Dead Lift: 110 x 6 / 120 x 6

Calf Raises: 90 x 6 / 120 x 6 / 120 x 6

When I was done I certainly felt rubber legged. It was awesome. Then I remember that I was in a basement and had to walk up two flights of stairs to get to the locker room. ACK! I managed that – it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Actually it wasn’t as hard as walking DOWN a flight to get back to street level when I was done.

But I DID it! And I’m Soooo happy that I did!


  1. Way to go Shawn :-).

    Forget the guys snickering, big deal, and now you've got new towels, you could chase them round the gym, towel flicking them as payback.

    I am woman, hear me roar.

    Or maybe not. I'm guessing not.

    At least you're 37 years on your own. I bet those guys were your age collectively ha ha.

    Great to see you making these awesome strides as always.

    You deserve to feel very proud of yourself, and it's a great start to your week.

    You'll fit in to the new place like a glove, I'm sure of it.

    I did with mine. I'm not Mr popular, but then I haven't the time to be schmoozing, and getting chummy with all and sundry, but I know a few new faces to speak to which helps, on top of some of the old faces.

    I hope the rest of your day goes alright, and I hope you keep smiling. With your progress levels, and human qualities, you could be stepping on that competition stage by 2008.

    GOOD LUCK, and keep working it :-).

    Go Shawn, Go Shawn, Yo Shawn, you da new gym queen baby, whoaa yeah ;-).


  2. Matt -

    You crack me up!

    Gym Queen... *snicker*

    Thanks for that.

  3. Cool... good for you! I am so salf-conscious and paranoid about gyms that I refuse to go... That's why I work out in my basement... over new year's I was out of town and had to work out in a hotel fitness center... I almost had an anxiety attack, LOL.

  4. Awesome job on getting to the gym, and kicking some butt. YOU ROCKED!! Way to go- Way to show the guys!! Stay strong, you can do this....Dede

  5. AWESOME workout Shawn! And good for you for making it happen even when you overslept, and even when it meant going to an unfamiliar place. That's determination!

  6. OMGosh girl, that is AWESOME good for you!! The sled thingy kicked my butt, and I didn't have weight on it so there...(comes from only working out at home, my girlfriend didn't want to kill me...roflmao) you do some serious weight girl...yahooooooooo

  7. PTM, Going to a well-equipped gym is a great motivator. Don't be intimidated... before you know it, you'll be the one looking around wondering who those strangers are. Everytime I see somebody new coming in the gym my first thoughts are "way to go!" and "stick with it!" I'm sending those vibes your way right now :-)

  8. Way to go! Let us know if you're sore tomorrow. That kind of workout generally leads to me whining about how I wish I had a padded toilet seat.