Wednesday, January 18, 2006

It didn't happen this morning.

I think I'm battling a cold or something because I've been fighting greater then usual body aches, a sore throat and headaches all week.

But – all is not lost. FiancĂ© is driving into the city tonight and we’re going to go to the gym next to work. I’ll hit shoulders then – fun! Plus I get to show him the fancy dancy gym they have here. They have a hot tub and everything.

Other then that… food is excellent, motivation is high. I just need a nice long nap at this point and I think I would be 100%.

The interview for that job I talked about last week is TODAY. Man I hope this works out!


  1. It will work out Shawn, we're all behind you, and we want this situation ot work out for you and your lover :-).

    Keep working it misses, and don't let a bit of a sniffle or whatever you've got, stop you doing the brilliant things you do do, you are a star performer, and you'll get this kind of scenario nailed.

    Frankly you could probably still write something amazing if you had Flu :-).

    Take care, best wishes, and keep doing your do.

    You'll nail that workout tonight :-).


  2. Fingers crossed that the interview goes great!

  3. Best of luck on the interview Hon! ---- well by now I 'll say hope it went well since it's 7pm!


  4. Hey good luck on that interview!! I've been out of the gym all week so far but I've been eating well. I plan to hit it hard tommorow thru Sunday though!!

  5. I know I already posted to your blog but I wanted to let you know that I ordered the "Thin Commandments" book that you suggested and it came in the mail yesterday (I love getting good mail). It is WONDERFUL! I started reading it last night and it is exactly what I am strugggling with. I have never been overweight, but I struggle with the same food issues that everyone has. I binge when life gets out of control, and i could see it leading to obesity when I am older and less able to control my weight through exercise. I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing this wonderful book with me!