Saturday, January 7, 2006


This beautiful young lady is my oldest daughter - she had winter formal this weekend. I keep thinking that one day some young man is going to look at her and see the beautiful, smart, funny woman that I do. Until then - she does darn good on her own. Posted by Picasa


Because I can't resist playing with the light and shadow Posted by Picasa


Lookout Lads - she's a heartbreaker Posted by Picasa


  1. Ptmom I am loving the pics! You looked like you had a blast and your daughter is so pretty!

  2. Shawn you looked amazing misses. You look even more sensational the more you progress with your training and diet.

    As for your daughter, she definitely gets her looks from you, and if she's anything like you, (which I imagine would almost certainly be the case), she will probably find it a little difficult to get a good man, purely because most men wouldn't be good enough for her :-).

    Great photos, and you and your daughter definitely deserve to be proud of each other.

    Keep up the great results Shawn you look amazing misses :-).


  3. LOVE THE COLLAR LMAO!! Okay that is great!! Yes your daughter is definitely going to be a heartbreaker!! Hope you're having a great week...I'm starting C2 tommorow :)

  4. Thanks for sharing the pics! Your daughter looks beautiful!