Friday, March 19, 2004

Hey! I'm linked - who'ed a thunk? Thanks AMY! Wow - the pressure is on!?

I figured out something today while in the store. I'm a narcisist. One of the main reasons I love BFL. Not just because I can lose weight and have more energy, but because when I'm at the store, shopping for soda, I can toat two six packs of bottles around. Not only can I do this easily much to the surprise of others in the store. but when I'm wearing a sleaveless blouse like today I would like to think that there is a certain, form and deffinition in my arms that must also be admired... Ok - OK so I'm not the center of anyone's universe (except my fiance') But I would like to imagine that people are sneeking peeks at delts and biceps while I'm toating around my food... Either way it does make me want to work that much harder so that if they arn't... they will be in the near future! I'm such a glory hound!

I also wanted to give a shout out to my good friend CORY. While his website probably has 1000 times as many hits as mine in a day - I wanted to throw a little love his way.

I'll probably be adding a few links to this site soon, but as I'm a bit of a procrastinater I wanted to do a few now to make sure there were in here SOMEWHERE!

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