Monday, March 15, 2004

Let's start with the good news. The weekend was GRAND! The relationship with my son, seems to have finally healed! Every visit things seem to get better and better, and that does my heart a world of good. Friday night on the way home he was looking out the car window and noting the stars. We talked about stars, and constilatioins and then when we go home, we drug out the telescope and did a little star gazing... it was a lot of fun. Saturday all six of us went for a hike...Really awsome walk through the woods to a waterfall. I will be uploading some pictures later tonight.

Sunday, I went over and set up my Grandmother's new computer. My son helped me move stuff around and get files transfered over. She's thrilled!

In Other news :) I didn't make up Thursday's Cardio, nor did I do my upper body workout on Friday. So, now I've 14 days left to make 'em green! It's hard to explain my mood right now. I'm really upset that I weighted in at 182 today and yet I'm more determined then ever to string together some green days. I keep visualizing how COOL this summer can be - walking around feeling strong and confident in my body and that motivates me more then anything. I have a formal dinner/dance in April that I want to be as sleek as possible for as well. All motivating factors... I just need to continue to put all that motivation into action.

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