Wednesday, March 10, 2004

I wish I had an explination for this total change of attitude I've had. For some reason missing tonight's workout just wasn't an option, even though I had a TON of other things to do including (ahhhhhh!!!) LAUNDRY!! When I finally got home from the 'Fluff and Fold' and finished putting all my clothes away, it was 10:00. And yet, as I said no where did I think "maybe I should just do it tomorrow" or "I'll make it up over the weekend". Nope not at all. The closest I came to an arguement with myself was desiding weather I was going to do the full pyramid workout or supersets. I did the full pyramid workout. It felt great! Ok, so it hurt like HECK but mentally it felt GREAT!

Food today was clean and I really do feel like I'm doing the right thing for ME right now. It's such a tremendous feeling! I certainly don't want it to end. So I'll keep on keeping on.

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