Friday, March 19, 2004

Yesterday went really really well! I can't believe what a difference a treadmill makes. Not only allowing me to run no matter the weather, but getting me to push myself harder then I would if I were running outside. It's so much easier to pace myself. Easier to set and reach goals... I have to say it was a little humbling to read a friends post and see he WALKS at the same speed I run! I blame it on my short little legs I suppose. I did the same intervals as last time - 4.0 - 5.5mph in .5 increments x 3 and then on the fourth interval pumping it up to 6.0. I then kept running at 4.0 until I made to to my goal of 1.5 miles. Second workout of my marathon training DONE! It was MUCH harder this time. I could tell my legs were tired from my run on Tuesday and then my leg workout on Wednesday. But I managed, and felt SO good after. Had an AWSOME dinner (I'm back into cooking again) Chicken dregged in non-fat plain yogurt and then rolled in breadcrumbs and baked. With aspearagus and baked potato on the side... I can tell I'm working out regularly again because MAN do I have an appitite. While the chicken was in the oven I did 20 minutes of Yoga. So all my goals were accomplished! Then, I even made my lunches for today. That's a BIG step for me. A sure sign I'm back into the groove. I need to hit the upper body hard today. Food is planned and that's cool, and I'm going to try to drink a bit more water then usual ... see if I can get some of this fat to MOBILIZE...

Good Friday Ya'all

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