Thursday, March 18, 2004

Well, I tracked my food yesterday and I think I'm seeing SOME of the problem. Not NEARLY enough protien. I've never been much of a meat eater so I can see how, without a plan I tend to subcontiously avoid protien. Today I'm looking for things to go a little better.

Excercise was 100% and I loved it! I did my leg workout, and upped the weights. I had started out easy(ish) last week to keep from overdoing it and felt like it was ok to push things a little harder this week. It went well. Then I did about 10 minutes of pilates to really nail the abs and 'remind' my muscles to legthen and relax a little. After feeling sluggish and groggy most of the afternoon it really did a lot to 'perk' me up. I was still struggling with 'the grumpies' but a talk with my fiance' soon banished the last of that and the rest of the evening was SMOOTH sailing. I copied a CD to run to tonight and I'm looking forward to seeing how the songs work... I'm still only doing 1.5 miles but that will be picking up next week.

I'm sore - but then I'm expecting to be. It actually feels good. It feels like I"m preparing my body for something important and I am. After all, what's more important than LIVING?

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