Tuesday, March 9, 2004

I did something ELSE that really has me excited AND has helped me to change my focus from short term to long term. I put together a training program from a running web site and the culmiation of it is a Marathon NEXT YEAR. :) I know in order to build up strength and prevent me from reinjuring my foot I'll need to go slow.. SO I'm planning to do this NEXT YEAR!!

I think that's one thing that has changed recently in my mind set. I'm thinking long term. I see my goals and I want them, but I'm feeling a LOT more patient. Maybe it helps that I finally hit my 16 year goal of 175. MAN! That just sunk in THIS INSTANT - 175 has been my goal for 16 YEARS!!! 10 pounds from now I will be the wieght I was when I graduated high school!!

I really don't know how or why my mind has changed. Slow and steady seems to be a good thing right now and I'm ready and willing to accept that..

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