Thursday, March 18, 2004

I thought I would include some of my goals here so - just another way to hold myself accountable.

In 4 weeks I will: Weigh 170 lbs and have a body fat % of 37.

In 6 weeks I will: Weigh 167 and have a body fat % of 35

In 8 weeks I will: Weigh 163/33%

In 12 weeks I will: Weigh 157/29%

My ultimate Goal is 130lbs and less then 20% But since I haven't been below 175 since I graduated Highschool (16 years ago) it's hard to say what my goal will ultimately be until I get closer to it.

Other then the pure numbers I have other goals:

1) - Terminator Arms. Even under the fat I think I have pretty shaply arms and I can't wait to see what they look like under all that

2) - Run a Marathon. I started on Tuesday with my marathon running program. First goal (of course) is to run a 5K but eventually I plan to run in a Marathon Next August

3) - Six Pack. Yes the ever present 'six pack' goal. Even if it's only for a day I want to see it... just once

4) Be healthy and happy! One of the biggest motivators for excercise, for me, is to be able to engage in activities that most people don't consider... like biking 26 miles, sea kyacking, white water rafting... (all things I did last year)

5) 10 Pushups, 10 Pullups, 10 Headstand pushups...Yes I dream BIG..

I'm sure there are more goals in there, but that's all I can come up right now...

Also, I came across the meal plan my good friend Marie gave to me last year... what a nice easy place to start! all the 'planning' is done (I love that ) I just have to measure and eat... simple! I'm going to follow this for the next week and half then go from there... I'm actually getting, dare I say.. EXCITED about the changes to come.. AGAIN!

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