Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Well - my treadmill should ship Friday and arrive in a week. BLEH! I hate waiting! BUT it will finally BE here, I can hardly believe it.

Yesterday was clean again. No major struggles. I can say I'll be glad when I can add a LITTLE bit of bread back into my diet. I did spend some time thinking today about food the scale and my apparent obsession with both :P. Several people have mentioned to me that this should be about HEALTH not WEIGHT. And I was pondering that on my way into work. Truth be told, I was doing pretty good, health wise when I was eating, normal, everyday foods in limited quanties. (Yes folks that HORRIBLE 'monderation' word.) I really don't think I was any worse or better off. The real reason that I eat the way I do (or attempt to) is for my weight. And not my weight as it relaits to my health, but PURELY for vanity. To quote an article I read - To Look Good Naked! And where did all this pondering get me? At the moment - no where :) But I'll continue to update here as things move along.

Otherwise, I'm feeling pretty cranky today. No aparent reason. Well, actually, it's work. My job takes these turns where it's really exciting and intense for a couple weeks and then it settles down into mind numbing bordum. Durning the 'bordum' stages I tend to get to feeling pretty unfullfilled. Ok, OK I understand that everything in life goes through cycles but these tend to last for several months. I feel like my training is being waisted... heck _I_ am being waisted. and I HATE busy work! Ah well, what's important is I'm not trying to fill in the empty spots with food. That never does anyone any good.

Not much else to report on. Maybe I'll think of something later.

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