Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Yesterday was very very good. When I got off work I went by costco and then safeway and got some 'good eats' for the rest of the week. It's funny, but I'm really excited about the next 21 days! I haven't felt like this all year. I really feel postive about the choices I'm making and the results I'm sure to see. For once it doesn't feel like I'm waiting for the ax to fall. So anyway! While at costco I got sucked into the book department. I found a really COOL book - "Home Workout Bible" The number and variety of excercises they had in there all geared toward working from home really got me excited about my workouts. My treadmill should be here ANY day - that's also VERY exciting... And I've been sticking to my plan, and feeling really good mentally and physically in regard to food. My upper body workout last night was just right... not too easy, not too hard. Hit my 10's! I felt SO GOOD afterwords.. mentally AND physically.

I'm on top of the world right now, and intend to stay here!

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