Monday, March 8, 2004

Oh, what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day! I've got a beautiful feeling, everything's going my way...

Yes folks it was THAT sort of weekend. Even with me being sick!

Friday: Went home early - I was really starting to feel BAD. Got home, went to bed and slept 'til morning. (except for getting up to pop some Vitamine C and Echinatia and Vitamine E). The best part was, even though my body was SCREEMING for comfort food I didn't give in, ate on plan!

Saturday: Woke up feeling week and groggy. A shower, breakfast and a little sunshine later and I was doing pretty good. My fiance was working on his Jeep so I did the 'run to Kragen and see if they have...." thing. By noon I was pretty much feeling about 80%. I got some little 'chores' out of the way and got to do some shopping (used book stores! my favorite), as well as some driving through some of the most amazingly beautiful countryside. Reminded me why I live in California... Northern California to be exact. At first I had suggested we go out to eat, but then I realized that I had deemed Sunday a Free day, so I desided to 'save' it for then. Instead we swung past the store and picked up some fresh pork chops and asparagus. YUM!

Sunday: Woke up feeling MUCH better... My free day was VERY much in control. I indulged in a few things I had been craving (chocolate and pizza) but all in moderation. My fiance and I spent the day 'sharing' our food and that kept my portions small. I didn't binge either. In all I declare it a Sucess! PLUS, we went for a 'walk' on Sunday. We left the house at 11:00am, drove (again) through BEAUTIFUL countryside, down to Mill Valley. From there we walked to Sausalito a little town on the coast just north of San Francisco. the walk there and back was (we think) about 14 miles! and we finally headed home about 4:45.

Today: I started my new program. The day is BEAUTIFUL sunny, warm, and I'm sunburned. I'm not too sore from our walk, just twinges in places. Spring in here and I'm in a GREAT mood. I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks and my new plan/program.

I'll keep you filled in as things go!

Oh - weight on Saturday (before free day) - 175!!! I made it! and I plan to be back down there again NO problem! 177 today.

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