Thursday, March 4, 2004

Ok - let me see, so much to say. Yesterday was clean, again. My weight is staying steady below 180 and I'm VERY happy with that! It's getting to be time to deside the next step. I think the last two weeks were verry successful. I got my will power back, relearned how to tell myself "NO", and got and have STAYED below 180. So my options as I see it are: 1) Keep doing what I'm doing now. A VERY unstructured low carb regiem 2) Follow the first faze of the South Beach Diet 3) Go back to fist/palm BFL style of eating.

In truth I'm leaning heavily toward BFL again. And the reason why is, my own words! I went back yesterday and read though my jornal from the beginning. In noting how I felt and what my results where BFL in it's purest form as I did it in the begining worked REALLY well. Of course, at the time, I was also following my excercise program fairly regularly as well. I just know I really want to find that fire again. The arrival of Spring should help. It's BEAUTIFUL here. More outdoor time, more unstructured 'excercise' (hiking, biking etc) should all help my progress as well as my mood. Anyway - as I said, I'm leaning toward BFL and I think I'm going to make it REALLY simple. My plan is to print up a list of 'authorised foods'. Then, pick one thing from each column. Simple! I'm also going to stock up at work, cans of chicken keep really well, as well as Salads and/or potatoes. If I'm not having to constantly pack my lunch I think I'll feel a LOT less overwhelmed.

Starting next week, my workouts will return as a priority. With my food 'simplified' that leaves me that much more time for my workout. As I looked through my journal there were days when I was tired, days when I was down, but those days that I pushed through and worked out anyway just seem to GLOW with energy... I want that glow back! NO MORE EXCUSES! As I said I should be getting a lot more 'unplanned' workouts with the coming of spring/summer. Plus with my treadmill arriving in about a week and a half, running should be a no-brainer. I have all the equipment I need for good weight workouts so the only thing holding me back would be ME! I'm going to do everything I can to kick THAT obstical out of the way. I want results, I want that energy, I want those positive self thoughts back. I want to feel as if success is just a workout away. I CAN do this, and I WILL

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