Tuesday, March 9, 2004

I desided to blog from home as I've been so busy at work that I can't seem to string together cohearant thoughts.

A few things that meant to mention in past blogs but haven't. I'm getting more and more pleasure out of my clothes of late. Spring has sprung and that means summer clothes. So, Saturday I pulled out a pair of shorts and put them on. To say I was pleased was probably an understatment, but I was very pleased. The shorts not only fit, but were a little loose. I was doubly pleased because I have another pair of shorts exactly like them, but (I thought) a size smaller in my drawer that would now fit as well. You can only imagine my surprise AND delight when I took out my second pair of shorts on Sunday and found out that these were the LARGER of the two pairs! The hung off me like a gunny sack! The shorts that I had worn on Saturday were the pair that last summer had been too tight!

Last night, while in costco I desided to pick up a pair of slacks as a reward for reaching 175. I chose my size carefully (I hate that you can't try on clothes there) and brought them home. I have to admite that I had some pretty negative thoughts alone in my bedroom before putting them. I held them up and looked and thought to myself "there is no way that these will fit!" I had visions of how awful they were going to look and was totally prepared to be disapointed. Instead, they went on, buttoned up and ... looked GREAT. Probably the only dissapointing thing was that they are capris and my legs are just TOO short for capris to look completely 'right'on me. Still, I'm so pleased that they fit other places to be at all dissapointed in the length.

Ok, so back to today. I got home from work late and wasn't really sure what I was going to do for cardio. It was too late to run outside and my treadmill isn't here yet. I remembered seeing a cadio program in M&F Hers November Issue. In truth it's a combo full body weight program and cardio program, but I simply did the routine with 2 lb dumbells and made it 100% cardio. Here is what it looks like:

Squat to Overhead Press x 10

Front Heel Taps x 30 seconds

Bent-Over Row to Tricep Kickback x 10

Butt Kicks x 30 sec

Squat to Uppercut x 10

Rocking Horse x 30 sec

Front Lunge to Biceps Curl x 10

Side-to-side Suffle x 30 sec

Ball Flye to Abdominal curl x 10

Squat Trust x 30 sec

Side Squat to Side Lateral Raise x 10

Jog in place x 30 sec

Diagonal Rotation x 10

Split Jacks x 30 sec

Stability Ball Cest Press to Overhead Triceps Extension x 10

Front Heal Taps x 30 sec

Stability ball Leg Curl to Hip Bridge x 10

Jumping Jacks x 30 sec

Romanian Deadlift to Row x 10

Fast Feet x 30 sec

By the end I was huffing, puffing and sweating. But I have to say it was a LOT of fun! it's certainly a valid alternative for me.

Food today has been great - my new nutrition plan is really simple... 1 protien, 1 carb, 1 fat and as many vegatables as I can stand about 6 times per day. I'm also trying to eat as close to nature as possible. The real difference is that I'm not being terribly structured... I eat when I'm hungry and stop before I'm too full. Many times doing things like fixing a sandwich eating 1/2 of it, and then in a few hours eating the rest. This is saving me a BUNCH of planning and preperation time. So far, so good!

alright, I think that's enough from ME for one day...

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