Tuesday, March 2, 2004

I'm feeling better today. Last night I desided that, though I've been avoiding bars so that I didn't hamper my progress, it was better to have a bar then to end up having a dozen doughnuts. So I grabbed one and felt MUCH better afterwords. I also made sure I had a GOOD dinner - cream sauce and chicken over cauliflour. And I had 'desert' too. riccotta cheese mixed with peanut butter. Ok, so I admit that was a little wierd, but it was pretty good. Still it was 'odd' enough that I doubt I'll have it again. Today I'm feeling 100% again. Strong and in control and not hanging on by a fingernail.

I didn't get a workout in last night, but I'm not stressing over it. Eventually, I'll start firing on all cylinders again. The BEST news is that I'm ordering my treadmill tonight!! Some personal things are looking up as well and I have to say the whole world is looking a little brighter. Ok, so it's not raining either and that helps.

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