Thursday, November 10, 2005

First of all I want to thank ALL of you for all your support. I’ve certainly needed it. Having only lost 4 lbs since July… that’s right 4 lbs in four months has really done a number on my resolve. I really thought that joining the gym and being consistent would make a tremendous difference, but – it hasn’t. I struggle not to give up. I look for every small victory I can to keep myself going and not fall face first into a bowl of hot fudge. And sometimes I still fall. But I keep picking myself up. My body can’t resist me forever. Knowing there are others out there rooting me on does a lot to bolster my resolve and I really appreciate it.

That being said… I woke up yesterday at the normal 4:00AM and poked the fiancé. He muttered something about being sick and ‘not going in’. So, I rolled back over and fell back asleep. I woke back up at 5:45 with a horrible headache. I got up, showered, but by the time I was done showering my head hurt so bad I thought I was going to be sick. So I crawled back in bed and stayed home with my sweetie. Didn’t get back out of bed until 11:00AM. Guess I needed it. I did manage to eat fairly well all day even though a few times I thought my stomach was going to rebel. By 2:00PM I could at least walk around and the ibeprophen I had taken seemed to have taken MOST of the edge off. I had a hair appointment at 4:00 and did NOT want to miss it so I jumped in the car and made the trip.

As many of you know I’m a HUGE fan of Maggie Diubaldo Since I don’t yet have her body – I settled for having her hair. I went to the hair dresser and told her – I want THAT cut. She looked at it for a few minutes – futzed with my hair a bit and then said – alright let’s do it!

Let’s just say I LOVE it! (Yes I’ll share pictures – maybe tonight). My hairdresser did an excellent job of taking the style and making it MINE. It’s cute, it’s perky, it’s made me look younger. I’m on freaking cloud NINE.

So, this morning I got up at 4:00AM per usual. No headache YAY! It was also back day – Yay! Lol

Lat Pulldown: 110 x 6 / 115 x 6 / 115 x 6
Cable Row: 115 x 6 / 115 x 6 / 115 x 6
Bent Barbell Row (+ bar): 70 x 6 / 70 x 6

Then, because I had a LOT of time left I did some abs. I can now ‘crunch’ the weight stack on cable crunches! Whoop! When this layer of fat goes I’m going to have one TIGHT set of abs.

Cable Crunches: 190 x 15 / 190 x 15 / 190 x 15
Roman Chair Leg lifts: 10 / 10 (I think I need to find a better way to do these – my upper body gives out before my lower abs do…)
Incline crunches: 25 / 25

I then stretched out a ton. It felt SO good. When I sit in the “V” leg position I can bring my chest to each knee – and I’m about a fist’s length away from brining my chest to the floor on the middle. Whoop! I’ve also been doing the pigeon stretch for my hips and I think it’s making a big difference. Tonight I’ll do 30 minutes of LISS on the treadmill and that will round out my day.

With my new haircut and it’s ‘ease of styling’ I’m probably going to see about using the gym on my lunch hour. I can do a quick shampoo, finger comb it and head back to work with no problems.

Food today should be no problem. I’ve got all the basics I need here at work. Here’s to a new day!

Enjoy everyone!

PS: Jess - I would be HAPPY to be your twin. When are you coming to California so we can hang out?


  1. I’m so glad you’re feeling so great today. I can totally empathize with your frustration about slow weight loss. ARGGGGH! But, you’re so incredibly strong and you’re doing such great things with your body and mind – don’t EVER give up. It may take some of us a lot longer to build our best body ever, but it will happen if we keep truckin’. Can’t wait to see your haircut! =)

  2. What a nice thing to say! ;)

    Sorry you had that headache, they are my biggest health problem and they suck! Needless to say I'm glad you're feeling so much better now.

    I just checked out her hairstyle and WOW! I can't wait to see the pics.

    Oh, and in another twin moment, I'm also stuck at the same weight from July. Or June. Or something. I think we ARE twins. Which means with Karenna, Karla, and whoever else is in our twindom, we have a LOT of sisters! :)