Monday, November 28, 2005

I can sum up my five day weekend by saying – This morning was the first time I had worked out since Tuesday, and the healthiest thing I’ve eaten in that time was probably Thanksgiving dinner – and the leftovers on Saturday Night.


Good news? I didn’t gain as much weight as I had thought( 205.8 this morning). AND even though we got in at 10:30 PM last night, and after unpacking etc didn’t get to sleep until about 11:30 -12:00, I still got up at 4:00AM this morning and hit the gym! I’m ready, I’m focused I have a DREAM and I’m going to make that dream a reality. 180 by the end of February. If I focus I can do this! I’m getting excited just thinking about it. I know I’m on the cusp of some major changes – I’m ready to push to make sure that happens. I’m going to be SEXY by summer.

The workout this morning was a little different. We met with our trainer for the first time. He’s going to be working with us twice a week for the next two weeks. This means a break from Max-OT for me. But I think I was due.

The plan he’d created for us was low(er) weight for more reps with little to no rest and some supersetting. We started with warming up and then did some ‘core’ work (crunches, planks, step-ups, leg stretch, and some strange jumping back and forth over a Frisbee thing which was the hardest of them all for me to do.) Then we did our upper body workout.

Superset – chest/back
Cable chest press: 15lbs x 20 / 12.5 x 20
Seated Row: 75lbs x 20 / 60 x 20

I was REALLY getting frustrated with these for a number of reasons
First off – I wasn’t feeling these in my chest or back at all, instead I had this burning cramping feeling in the back of my arms/shoulders.(Posterior Deltiod). Basically I wasn’t feeling the muscle working – but instead was feeling a nasty case of lactic acid buildup. And in a WEIRD muscle. I also found it was REALLY hard to focus for the amount of time it takes to do twenty reps for a 3/2 count. But, I did it.

Then I did two sets of shoulder presses on the cable machine:

15lbs x 20
10lbs x 20

Again I was feeling more lactic acid buildup then muscle fatigue. And the same thing – keeping straight form (which requires a lot of focus for me) for that LONG was hard.

The good news – the trainer was falling over himself praising my form. It’s nice to know that it’s not just in my head. I really am doing the right thing.

Going forward, I think the workouts are going to keep taking care of themselves. It’s the food that’s going to be my focus. Free days will be ONE DAY and regulated calorie wise. And I’m going to work on my water intake. I need to flush some of this crap out of my body.

Challenges this week (and today)? The holiday season is now in full force. EVERYONE is bringing their holiday goodies into the office. Homemade cookies and biscotti were on the menu today. I nibbled the biscotti and passed on the cookies. Saturday is my Company Christmas party. That’ll be my free day. I also want to make a goal to try one more crock-pot recipe this week. Eventually I’ll find something that works! :)

So – that’s it. The goal is to be 201 by 12/9 – a little aggressive but doable considering I’m carrying around some ‘thanksgiving bloat’ at the moment.

Here’s to healthy Eating!


  1. Sounds like you and I had a very similar holiday weekend… I’ve been feeling like someone snatched my motivation, but reading your blog today really helped me. I love your line, “I’m ready, I’m focused I have a DREAM and I’m going to make that dream a reality.” AWESOME stuff. =)

  2. Thank you - on the 500 mile drive home yesterday all I thought about was how I was going to get on track starting today - I'm motivated! Of course seeing my Dad helps :)