Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Made it to the gym again today and in even better time then yesterday – yay! We’re starting to get our act together. This morning when the alarm went off I hit the light beside my bed instead of the snooze button. I didn’t get up immediately, but it did help.

So I hit the gym and jumped on the treadmill. 1.75 miles in 22 minutes – woo hoo! It felt good to be running and pushing myself.

Then it was time for shoulders:

I’ve got to go back and check my old logs – because I went WAY over what I had written down as my last military press number – weird.

Military Press (plus bar): 25 x 6 / 30 x 6 / 35 x 6
Arnold Press: 30 x 6 / 30 x 6
Lat Raise: 25 x 6 / 25 x 6
Upright Row: 60 x 6 / 60 x 6

After that I was ZONKED – BUT because I got such a nice early start I still had time left so I was able to stretch for 15 minutes. Perfect ending!

Food yesterday ended just fine and I’ve got everything I need to make today perfect as well. The only ‘rocky’ part is I’m going to lunch with a friend and will have to watch my portions while out – but I feel up for that.

In better news I was down to 204.6 today from 205.5 yesterday – bubuy water weight. Get ready to see me too the happy dance when I get to 203 AGAIN… and be ready to raise the roof when I FINALLY get back below 200. It’s going to happen!


I had to add that my fiance was approached by a guy in the locker room today. The guy asked "How do you do it?". Fiance asked, "Do what?". The guy replied, "Get your wife to get up so early in the morning and workout with you?"

The fiance explained that we support each other equily and that getting up and coming to the gym was something we BOTH worked on. That somedays _I_ was the one who got up both around and somedays HE was the one. The guy didn't seem to get the 'team effort' big and Fiance felt sad for him.

_I_ on the other had got a little miffed that the guy would ASSUME that it was Fiance who was the 'gym person' and I simply 'tagged along'. Hello!? are you BLIND!? _I_ am the one who shows up when he doesn't. He's got a sniffle, I'm still at the gym. He works late so he doesn't think he can workout that day - I'm still there. He wouldn't know an upright row from a squat if it wern't for me - BAH!


  1. You will get below 200...I can feel it coming for you...SOON. You are focused, you are making it happen, your body will give in and start dropping it. I'm trying to get below 130...man ...there will be some serious happy dancin goin on when that happens.

    Someone mentioned on tracker that when they eat out...they ask for the to go box BEFORE they start eating. Just leave the right portion on their plate and put the rest away. I think it sounds like a great idea :)

  2. You are so dedicated, and I am so proud of you!

    I too would be miffed at that guy for assuming that you were tagging along, but just chalk it up to ignorance. Some people make the stupidest assumptions, and when they do that, they just make asses of themselves!

    You rock!

  3. Don't let the little things bother you, they'll just get in the way of progress. Keep trucking, you're doing GREAT. Thanks for stopping by my blog - stop in any time. Dub.

  4. You and I are on much the same path, I think. You are stronger than me (and have probably been working harder than me lately, too!) and we are at about the same distance in cardio. We're not even that far apart in weight. Do we have another twin thing going on? Creeeeepy! :)

    I think it's great that you and your fiance help motivate each other. I have never had that, not even when I was with my ex.

    Keep going!

    Oh, by the way, I changed my blog address to: http://mouthyredhead.blogspot.com/


  5. Sounds like you're doing great work there. I was putting together my logs tonight on an excel spreadsheet (I'm in the middle of week 4 now) and in some cases I've doubled the max weight on exercises like the shoulder press and Lats...I'm glad I've been keeping those numbers handy!! I've been stuck on my weight for about 3 weeks now and I was getting pretty upset about it until I put on my t-shirt today and realize that my chest was sticking out a lot more than my stomach...I'm wanting to lose more weight but I'm definitely seeing some positive body shaping going on so hopefully that's something you can take some solace in that...and I agree with Moggie...I think the weight is going to start coming off soon for the both of us :)