Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I had already written the blog in my head. How I didn’t get home until 9:00PM because I had to do laundry last night, and how I did my 2 mile run ANYWAY even though I was tired. How I overcame and honored my self promise. Sometimes I do that… I have like this running commentary going on in my head. It motives me, it pushes me, it keeps me accountable.

So when I got home last night at 9:00PM I changed into my workout clothes and faced the treadmill. I was prepared, I had water, I had a towel, I had my fiancé’s IPOD and all my favorite ‘Cake’ songs loaded into my playlist. I stepped onto the treadmill – wound it up to 3MPR (1.5% incline) and started to walk. That’s when it hit me, I was exhausted! Not the ‘I’m so tired I don’t think I’ll workout’ kind of tired. But the ‘oh God am I going to be able to pick up my foot?’ kind of tired. And to top it all off my legs felt stiff and sore and my heal was ACHING. I walked at 3 MPR for two minutes praying it would get better. It didn’t, but it was time… I revved up to 5 MPR. After all that’s what these training runs were for… to TRAIN myself to run a 12 minute mile. It was getting harder. I actually became afraid that I was going to stumble, so I backed it down to 4 MPR, normally a level 5 in interval training but instead it felt like a level 10. After 5 minutes I gave up in defeat. I don’t know if it was the low calories, the low carbs (I had been eating only green carbs for two days) a lack of water or just me trying to do too much, but whatever it was I couldn’t continue. I didn’t beat myself up over it. I felt like I had made an adult decision to do what was best for me. I committed to do my run at the gym the next morning and finished my preparations for the night and went to bed.

Fiancé and I snuggled into bed together right as rain. We ‘made up’ (not that we really even fought) which according to Stacy counts as cardio – so I’m SO claiming I did my two for the day! ;)

This morning was a struggle getting out of bed but the thought of sleeping in never even occurred to me. (why or why does 4:00AM come so darn early?). Unfortunately we had a few extra things to take care of before we could leave the house so we ended up not getting to the gym until 5:15AM. The thoughts started flooding through my brain… “I’m not going to have time for 2 miles, that will take 30 minutes!”.

Then I remembered my commitment from last night, and my other promise that if I was short on time I would do cardio FIRST and shorten my weight workout if it came to that.

So I went over to the treadmill and started my run. Of course I started with a 3MP warm-up and did that for 2 minutes. Then I upped to 4.0 for a minute and 4.5 for another. Then it was time to go for 5.0. (Of course I realize now that I forgot to set the silly thing at 1.5% but hey –I’m not going to taint this with negative thoughts). I held at 5.0 until minute 10 then backed down to 3MPR to recover. After a minute at 3 MPR I bumped to 4.0 for a minute and then pushed it back to 5. When I backed down to 3MPR at minute 20 for my next rest break I was THRILLED to find I had already made it 1.5 miles. Again I went 1 minute at 3MPR then bumped it to 4MPR for a minute, then it was back to 5. When the display said I had 1 lap to go (.25 mile) I got ready to push it and really hit my 10. A quarter of the way around I pushed the speed to 5.5. I was surprised to find I still had juice left. At half way I bumped it to 6.0. I still wasn’t sucking wind – in fact I felt a burst of energy that made me smile. At three quarters I bumped it to 6.5. It was getting hard but it was bearable. For the last straight away I went up to 7.0 I was starting to ‘huff’ now – the arch in my right foot was cramping for a step or two, but it stopped. I was SO happy to hit that ‘Stop’ button at 3 miles – and was tickled pink to see I had finished in less then 25 minutes…whoop!

After a breather I went to do my back workout.

Lat Pulldown: 120 x 5 / 120 x 5 / 120 x 4
Row: 120 x 6 / 120 x 6
\Bent Row(Plus Bar): 65 x 6 / 65 x 5

So my chest still hurts from Monday, my bis and tris are sore from yesterday… Let’s see if we can go for the trivecta and have a little stiffness in the back tomorrow?

I’ll keep you posted ;)

To top it all off, THIS came in my mailbox this morning…

"A man may fall many times but he won't be a failure until he
says someone pushed him."

*Elmer G. Letterman

Oh – and that progress I was looking for!? It’s finally happening. I’ll wait for Friday to post final results.

Today’s eat will be higher in calorie and I’m adding fruit and complex carbs back in. OMG whole wheat toast never tasted so good as it did cold this morning with my cold poached eggs after my workout… heh.

Keep it green people!


  1. Trifecta, baby! You can do it! Way to rock it on the treadmill this morning - I'm so excited for you!!! Wooohooo!


  2. Great job on your workout this morning! For what it's worth I think you made the right decision to stop last night. I have aborted during a workout too. I force myself to start it...but if 5 minutes into it, I'm not getting revved up, I stop. Usually this is because I am exhausted or battling illness.

    I believe snuggling counts as cardio too :-)

  3. Honestly - it was a little more HIIT then snuggling ;) heheheh

    but I'm glad to know that someone agrees - thanks moggie.

    And thanks Rachel... I hope to have good news for everyone on Friday that this new 'dedication' of mine has paid off!

  4. oh good for you!! this post make sme want to honor self promises and up the treadmill afew notches. you go girl!!!!!!

  5. That is great! Sounds like you know yourself really well. Congrats on having such a great workout!

    (Oh, and I have no energy on low carbs either. Running is SO much harder when I haven't had enough. I can really relate.)

  6. Wow girl, good for you...and good call on the stopping, sometimes we miss cues from our bodies. You are doing so great, can't wait to see the progress post.

  7. "Cake..." Hmmmm.

    He's going the distance, and it sounds like you are too!