Monday, November 7, 2005

Ok - I know this isn't fitness related, but I HAD to share this.

My company has been listed on How rad is that? Who knew that anyone cared enough about the little company I work for to post on a HUGE website like that?

Management just came out and said this wasn't true. And I'm in a position to say that it's HIGHLY unlikely that could be. We're currently HIRING for goodness sake and we've got more work then people to do it.

Still was nice to know someone knows who we are...


  1. Wow. Haven't pulled up the website yet, cause I don't want the kids to see that word, but I'll have to check it out later! My company may not be there, unless it's possible to be on list list, and in the Fortune 500, but it probably should be!

  2. Yeah - although I appreciate the 'spirit' that comes from naming thier website - it does make one a 'little' unconfortable about talking about it :)