Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ladies and Yentlemen....

To anyone who's ever struggled to overcome your fears - and your self imposed limitations I suggest you read THIS BLOG ENTRY

Carol just finished running the New York City Marathon and her description of it is uplifting and inspiring - please drop by and give her the 'atta boy' she deserves!


  1. That was awesome, thanks for sharing it with us!!!


  2. Thanks so much for sharing the link. That was so much fun to read and share in her victory. Brought tears to my eyes. =)

  3. What's even more awsome - if you read a few posts down you'll how much she was doubting herself just days before. In fact she admits that the only reason she didn't 'quit' was because she found out she couldn't get a refund - and yet look how GREAT she did. I think it's an amazing lesson to those of us who 'give up' waaaaay too soon.

  4. I bookmarked her blog - I definitely want to go back and read more. I ran a marathon four years ago and I was sooooo much slower than she was. I didn't train properly, but I still finished and it brought back some wonderful memories. And, I love the way she writes - makes you feel like you're living it with her!