Monday, November 21, 2005

I just wanted to note that I input my food for the day into fitday

2053 Calories

31% Fat/ 35% Carbs/ 31% Protein

Exactly where I want it

I'll try this for a few days and see what's up. Maybe I really am eating more then I think I am, but interestingly enough I came out EXACTLY where I expected today.

Thank you to everyone for your suggestions. I think what frustrats me more then anything is that things like restricting carbs and zig-zag ing calories are supposed to be 'advanced'weight loss techniques. You know, for those people who've been doing this for a while and have hit a wall. Me, I STARTED at a wall - what's up with that!? I didn't even get the 10 pound water weight 'gimme'. And no, this isn't the 'eight week freekout'. It's been 19 weeks!

Sorry - I happened to pull up my tracking worksheet tonight and realized that in 19 weeks I haven't even hit my FOUR WEEK GOAL yet! I wanted to just sit here and CRY.

but now I've vented I'm over it. I could sit here and whine about it or I could make a plan and take action. I'll take action!

I promise - no more posts about my lack of progress for another month ok! But if something positive happens - you'll be the first to know about it. Deal? Deal!

I didn't walk tonight - just WAY too much to do (and not enough time). As it is I'm up past my bedtime. If I want to be able to get up tomorrow and do my workout. (The most important one as far as I'm concerned) then I have to make choices and tonight the choice was to cook and not walk for 30 minutes.

See you all on the flip side!


  1. Thank you alot for leaving a comment in my blog. :-) You can only do as much as your able. So not walking tonight is fine since your gonna workout tomorrow. Get good sleep and you'll feel better tomorrow. NITE! :-D


  2. Don't you just love Fitday? I use it everyday and am always surprised at how my calories add up so fast. It really does help keep me in line. It's great how you can input your activities too and see how many calories you are burning vs those you are eating. Good luck and hang in there. The weight WILL start falling off soon.

  3. I know some days 'time' just does not least youre not watching the clock for time to hurry up! - that is THE WORST!

  4. 2000+ calories seems a lot on a weight loss program, even if trying to build muscle for competing. That is even above my off-season maintainance and I'm 5"6

    Have you tried playing with your food intake and prot/carb/fat ratios to get the results you want? I try and stick to 15-25% fat, 35-45% carb (low GI, high fibre), and 45-55% prot - as you can see I adjust these to allow for splurge meals and high training days.

    Good luck with reaching your goals :)