Monday, December 22, 2003

Bad News--I'm still struggling with my workouts. I just can't seem to find the time and/or get my priorities in the correct order to fit in everything. BUT, I'm pushing through.

Good news-- My weight today 177! It almost hasn't sunk in! I've been below 180 for 7 days now! Average weight for last week 178.6... lowest EVER.

My clothes are fitting GREAT, in fact I'm actually starting to finally get to the point where I go.. Hmm this might be consitered too big! As a matter of fact while shopping at Eddie Bower this weekend I had to get a sweater in a size Medium! Makes me want to leave the "M" sticker on the outside of it when I wear it around! lol

The sweets are still pouring in here at work. another package of candy, although this one contained some nuts so I could have a few.

Nutrition goals for this week - 1750 calories P/C/F ratio 41/29/30 Bring on the Salad and meat! :) I'm planning to doing an upper body workout tonight. I will up the weight on a few excercises and see how I do.

We had a GREAT weekend. Took a trip to the city and saw the Nutcracker. It was GREAT, and I managed to things nutitionally balanced. I'm furiously working on finishing up my shopping. I found out this weekend that ALL three of my children are planning to come over at christmas, when I first thought it was just going to be the youngest. While I've managed to buy my oldest a few gifts my son has been a problem. His list has consited of things like.. a PS2 or a computer... not something I can afford right now. I'll have to see what happens.

I'm going to make it through this holiday in the black financially, and out of the black ... clothes. NOTHING is going to keep me away from that 175 mark!

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