Monday, December 8, 2003

I really struggled with what my goals were going to be for the next four weeks. Having just came off 18 weeks I thought that perhaps I would coast these 4 weeks and set the stage for a January Challenge. then I realized that the prospect of not losing for 4 weeks (on purpose) was just TOO disheartening, so........ I am going to KICK BUTT for four weeks and set my most lofty goals yet... My birthday present to myself is to the lowest weight of my adult life. Less then 175 for my 35th!

Of course nature had to throw a wrench into the deal...I had my day all planned, food ready to go I was all psyced for a GREAT workout tonight, and what do I do? I started feeling ill 1/2 way through the day. Went home sick and I've been in bed ever since! Funny thing is, it hasn't depressed me as much as I would have thought (though it's made it hard to think and to write a decent essay to end the blast).

Watch out! I've got a goal, people, and I'm not going to let ANYTHING get in my way! :) I'm SO excited. Today's pictures really helped and I'm really excited about seeing what's to come. I really truely feel as though I CAN do this!

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