Tuesday, December 2, 2003

I'm back at it, back on track and planning to kick some butt this week. Calories are up another 200 to 2200. My weight is getting back down to pre-thanksgiving/PMS levels! Yay!

Next week I'll start a 4 week sprint to the new year! 2004 is the last year "loosing wieght" is going to be on my new years resolution list.

I learned a lot this weekend. I learned that I have a lot of demons still hanging out there waiting to lead me astray. Unlike Marie I did not find the will to eat "a little of this or that" and leave it at that. And unfortunatly instead of Thanksgiving being a free day to enjoy good food and good company. I ate so much I was ILL! BAD! AQnd then it spilled over into OTHER days...I also let my old habit of putting others first come into play and instead of taking the time out to do what I needed and excercise, I sat around and had another handfull of 'cheesy poofs'! A sure way to make my thighs continue to LOOK like cheesy poofs! BUT, I'm not dwelling on what whouldda couldda shouldda been! Instead I'll take the opportunity to LEARN and figure out a plan to get through the rest of the holidays! I need to keep the 'sugar hangover' feeling fresh in my mind and as Brock once said, "play the tape through', get past the instent gratification that comes from a piece of pumpkin pie and think instead of my long term plans and goals. (Actually it wasn't the one piece of pie that did me in, but the second and third!) I think I'm going to have to forgo my 'normal' holiday tradition and STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN! For some reason I have a real problem resiting my own cooking! Either that or I'll have to make sure I only bake things that I don't like! lol! (the chocolate covered brandied cherries haven't phased me once! ) I already took the step of getting this weekend's 'baked goods' out of the house (sent all the sugar cookies and leftover cranberry bread home with the kids) Maybe one day I'll be strong enough to have that stuff around the house and not have the constent urge to put it in my mouth, but it's not happening today! The good news is - we don't do a big dinner for Christmas, so I don't have THAT to live through. Just three company Christmas parties. I've already ordered chicken for dinner at one of them and I'll leave the room when they serve desert! lol. One of the others is a 'pot luck' so I'll bring food I can eat... the other maybe I can skip it! lol

I'm still asking Santa for a treadmill for Christmas and hoping he'll bring it early so I can start getting my 'regular' cardio in. The weights are ready to go... I'm going to start thinking of my goals for the next 4 weeks, probably more strength goals than anything as I'll not start cutting until the after the first of the year.

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