Wednesday, December 3, 2003

I'm plowing through this holiday season. Weight is still comming down from the "holiday splurge" and I'm back to 181! YAY (was 185 day after Thanksgiving) Still eating a TON of clean food. Nigel and I are BOTH ready to hit the excercise HARD it's going to be a fun 4 weeks until the new year!

I brought the chocolate covered cherries into work and am letting the folks here finish them off. That was an easy one as I don't like cherries but it's nice to get it out of my house. Pantry is getting low though, and I definatly need to restock on the basics. With both of us (and sometimes three of us) eating 'clean' I'm finding we go through food like MAD! I've set a few goals for the next four weeks, and am thinking of more. I found an old journal from Jan 2002 and on the 3rd I was 181. Jan 3rd 2003 185! My goal is to make progress THIS year and come in somewhere in the 170's this January. (Even 179 will be good as I'm adding and NOT cutting calories the next few weeks)

Mentally I'm feeling strong ready to hit it. My confidence is sky high... I KNOW I can do this and that's almost a forigne concept for me. This is going to MY year!

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